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  1. I'm definitely doing this one, because I realized in the meanwhile that we could get a cable to any room through the unused chimney holes.
  2. Hello! So my parents live in a two-storey brick house and the ISP-provided router/WiFi combo modem is downstairs, where it covers all the rooms and even parts of the garden, so its fine there. However, some of the rooms upstairs have a very weak signal. Up until now it wasn't a problem, but with school being online, now my sister needs solid signal in her room as well. I'm not into networking but I do have some basic knowledge and I know about several possible solutions. - a better router instead of the current one - a good WiFi box next to the current router - a range extender somewhere halfway between the router and the room - installing a separate router / access point into her room Which of these sounds the cheapest, easiest and most solid solution? Thank you in advance!