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  1. I would be using them with a cable for gaming, to eliminate latency. How is beats for $120? Linus said it was very bad in his video, but he reviewed it when it was $350. I can buy it for 1/3rd of that. Also leaves me with enough room for a decent gaming headset.
  2. Hello, I am looking for a new headphones now that my Razer Krakens are literally falling apart on my head. I am searching for a good pair that is preferably wireless and can be used for gaming/web surfing comfortably for 5+ hours a day. I have a few in mind, here is a list with prices: Bose qc35ii with an external mic : $320 Sony wh1000xm3 with an external mic : $250 Beats studio3 wireless with an external mic: $120 (Is currently absurdly cheap here) Logitech g pro X wireless: $220 Razer Nari Ultimate : $220 (interested in the gimmick) Audio Technica ATH ADG1X : $250 I loved the sound of my Krakens a lot more than my in ears (sennheiser street ii and cx300) but I havent tried anything other than Ath adg1x, which I loved the sound of, but I dont think I can use them outside. I live alone tho, so in house use is not a problem. Beats is also very very cheap, and I can buy an additional headset for gaming with it, if that is something you would recommend. The less I spend the better, but I am willing to spend 300+ if it benefits me more.