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  1. No i dont, its an old graphics card so its probably not working anymore i guess
  2. Yeah that isnt it i dont have that crossfire... i just dont know what to do im confused it was ok...but there was a power outage and i had it on...and then the pc wouldnt power on so i took out my cpu and gpu and plugged them back. Pc works fine with the integrated card.
  3. Hi thanks for answering so being honest i just took it out and sprayed some contact cleaner on the pci e slot and the gpu pins. Im pretty sure i plugged everything how it was before..btw what are the plugs on top of the gpu for?
  4. So i took out my amd ati radeon 4800 hd series because i thought it needed cleaning....then after pluging the 8 pin connector and pci e slot, i have no video in my monitor and my pc doesnt recognize that i have plugged a graphics card, also the gpu is very loud and i hear it blowing a lot of air...help please Thanks!