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  1. yeah i did diskpart part. I guess i will have to look for another usb. Thank you.
  2. yeah i know,i used rufus only after first failed attempt at "usb flash drive" so i decided to try with iso I did as every other person before me but for some reason it wont let me past that window.
  3. hello all Got me a new pc today fresh from the shelf. Ryzen 5 3600 gtx 1660s oc 2x8 patriot 3200mhz *side note: pc starts but no signal to monitor with both ram's inserted. Tried a1-a3,then a2-a4,a1-a2 and a3-a4. Wont work that way at all.No signal. Pc works fine with only 1 ram stick in a2 slot Asrock B450 Pro4 F Seasonic 650w The problem persists for 11 hours as of this writing. I made a bootable usb flash drive with windows creation tool. USB is 2.0 and is detected in uefi Used every 2.0 and 3.0 port at disposal Top boot priority Secure boot disabled. Tried both nfts and fat32 disk fortmat. Did an rufus iso. I dont know what to do anymore because i started losing my mind long ago. I watched every video,seen every possible instructions here and on the internet and no luck. Whats wrong with me? Uploaded image so it may help. For the love of god please help.
  4. So in conclusion this should be a legit case for this build? edit again: reason why i am worried is because i bought it with so tight leftover pc budget. It costs around 35e here in EU.
  5. Hello guys,new here. This is my third pc and before that i never had problem with temps but this time i'm a little bit worried. I've got all the parts at home except case which will arrive in monday. For those who might ask what my specs will be for thermals purpose - R5 3600,GTX 1660S OC,B450 PRO4,2x8 3200mhz,Seasonic 650w Case is - Armaggedon T5X PRO II Black. I tried researching and didnt find reliable results but from info i gathered,everyone seems like they are satisfied but i am still not sure. If this happens to be a bad airflow case,what would you do? Returning and getting new one is out of question. (money) Would try to rearrange fans,get new ones or maybe go old school with big ass fan blowing (dust) directly into it for maximum cooling efficiency? I've spent allmost all my saved money so any upgrades regarding case and little bit more expensive cooling is out of question for 2020. Edit: i have no intention of overclocking neither gpu or cpu and im a casual 1080p gamer who wants to chill after hard day of work for 2-3 hours sessions at night. Thank you.