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  1. The only debug lights on the internet are the one on top. Cpu, memory, graphics and boot. Btw, I tried it direct to onboard gpu, it works. But ofc I still need to replug it on my gpu
  2. What I usually do is, unplugged the monitor, power on the unit then plug the monitor again. There’s a solid orange light on the bottom part of the board. I checked the net for that but I didn’t get anything.
  3. Hi everyone, I don’t know if this is a newbie question or what but I can’t find any solution in the internet. My pc don’t give any response when I press the power button but when I remove the DisplayPort connector from gpu or unplugged monitor from power socket, It opens up normally. Do I have a faulty hardware? All smooth when I do the unplugged monitor from power then power on the unit. Kinda sad because this is a new motherboard(asus z370i strix) and psu(seasonic sgx 650w). Please help!