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  1. ehm dumb question... am I not supposed to have drivers for my Igpu as well??? Why aren't there any listed on device manager ?
  2. So the most common is "system service exeption" with a mention to ndis.sys Please note i already checked my hdd and ram for errors... no error messages
  3. Yes, my wife's 1080p monitor brought a BSOD with "system service exeption" error message PS: my screen is 4k
  4. Hi guys I'm desperate... Here's the deal my PC gets a BSOD every time it starts up, unless I turn the screen on 1minute after pressing the on button. I get different error messages each time during bsod, so no help looking at existing issues... Here's my system: i5 6600k @ 3.5 GHz 16gb ram gtx 970 win 10 edu 64 bit all drivers are on their most current version according to device manager... Now I wait for your replies