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  1. Right. I've seen the video where Linus puts up like a lot of PCIe risers to display a graphics card and I've also been window shopping adapters here and there and it got me thinking How many adapters would it take until it loses signal? Like, say there's a mini PCIe to PCIe x1 adapter, and then you use another PCIe x1 to PCIe x4 adapter until you get all the way to PCIe x16. Would it even work? I've no idea lol but seems like a fun thing to figure out! If anyone has the adapters laying around maybe give it a try if you have the time :P Plus these days there are tons of adapters for a whole lot of things. I'm just a curious boi lmao
  2. Heya So my Cooler Master Hyper T20 cooler just came in and I wanted to install it right away cause I'm using an Intel Stock. (Don't ask why I'm just very on the budget). As I tried installing it on my LGA 1200 motherboard, the pins on each corner would not fit and if I followed the manuals, the heatsink takes a ton of pressure to be mounted since they're using like an AM4 based hook with the LGA mount on the bottom. It feels so wrong to put so much pressure on the motherboard and processor. I don't want to break anything and 1 hour in for just installing the cooler seems like a lot. At this point I don't know what to do anymore... I've already bought a bequiet pure rock slim before but the corner hooks came in broken and I needed to get more money to buy another cooler that was cheaper and the T20 caught my eyes. Seeing that LGA 1200 works with 115X sockets I just straight up purchased it. And now this is happening and I'm out of money... If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I'm just stressed af right now lol
  3. I livestreamed on Facebook which if I'm correct also uses YouTube's streaming servers, but I'll give it a try tomorrow. Need some rest after all this hahaha, thanks a lot!
  4. I did. I went with 720p30fps and 2000 Bitrate and the results were practically the same as 1080p30fps. I really don't know what to do now and I'm just stressed af lol, so I guess getting my ISP changed is the current way out
  5. I should be able to stream 720p30fps for now no? It's basically the same with 1080p30fps. Currently there aren't any hardware issues so far. My gameplay is smooth but the output is ass. Might go and change the provider as well then
  6. Here's my upload... I mean, does it really affect it THAT bad? If so then I might consider changing my provider since the one I'm using is pretty expensive for what I get.
  7. Hey fellas (Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I don't know where else to put this) Since my dad pressured me quite a lot to do something productive and do something with my upgraded PC (YT, Twitch, etc etc), I decided that I'd go the streaming route and start there. The problem is that the results of the stream are pretty bad.. you can tell what's there since the quality is 1080p but the FPS is surely below 30 with stutters... I tried tweaking the settings ever since I went live with no luck. I'm just very confused and I'm trying to give out the best quality I could to my small viewers (my friends). They actually donated to me and I'm very grateful for it! I know this might not be worth my time but with what I currently have, why not try and do streaming since it appears that my friends find me funny (subjective, hahaha) Here's my current specs: i3-10100 (Always clocked at 4.1 GHz) (My non-stock cooler is on its way, though it's not that much better but at least it has a moderate heatsink) ASRock H410-M HDV GEIL POTENZA DDR4 8x2 16GB 2666 MHz memory Palit GTX 1060 3GB 1x SATA SSD 120GB 1x SATA HDD 1TB Here's my current SLOBS settings: Please refrain from going with upgrades as I already did and my budget was very, very, very tight. I needed to get a new motherboard, CPU, RAM, Webcam, and I needed to fix my mouse since it broke. If you're asking why I went with an i3-10100 instead of a R5 2600 or an i5-9400f, I did the math and I was out of my budget when I was upgrading so a better option wasn't available. Plus, I wouldn't be upgrading again in the future, if I would ever do that, I'd probably get a new PC when I have a stable income. I'm a college student and the stress from my family and college is getting into me day by day. At the very least all I can do is play games so that's why I considered streaming. I tried downscaling the stream resolution and it kept showing that it's losing frame for at least 25% of the time. I tried downscaling the bitrate as well without any luck... I'm just really stressed right now and I need some help from someone that's more experienced than me. Any suggestions is very much appreciated!
  8. Wait, do you mean a fresh install of Windows or wipe out the whole thing? If so then I'll need to backup stuff I guess
  9. Oof... might just do that. Still not showing after the BIOS update. Welp. Guess I'll try doing a clean install. Thank you so much for the help!
  10. Alright, going to keep that in mind, see ya in a bit!
  11. Do I have to do anything else other than just purely resetting? Backups and what not. I'm rarely in the BIOS so I don't know that much haha
  12. This one, it's maxed at 4. So it's supposed to be 8 then instead of 4? I tried ticking and un-ticking with same results
  13. Title says it all.. Task Manager shows the same results. I've no idea why, I went through the BIOS and found that all cores were enabled so I'm guessing it's not that. I've also tried going to msconfig to untick the boxes for boot without any luck. HWiNFO shows it has 4 Cores and 8 Threads, yet cores #2 and #3 isn't on... Any fixes, tips or suggestions? Is it fine though really... cause I've no idea if there are any performance drawbacks out of this whilst multitasking or playing games.
  14. Thank you! I'll be keeping that in mind!
  15. Hey guys I've just bought an i3-10100, ASRock H410M-HDV, and 16GB of Dual Channel DDR4 @2666Mhz My current system has an i5-4460, Gigabyte G1 MB, and 16GB of DDR3. How do I go about changing the components? Is it straight forward or would I need to do something else before changing them? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!