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  1. Managed to get it stable, with 3500Mhz with 1.35V DRAM and 1.1V VCCIO, won't do 3600 under any circumstaces, which is weird but i guess i can live with that
  2. I got it to work at 3400Mhz with VCCIO set to 1.2V and DRAM set to 1.35V, VCCSA is on Auto because if I set it to 1.2V manually it won’t work, while 3400Mhz is fine, any tips on pushing it to its advertised 3600Mhz?
  3. As i said in the original post, i tried updating BIOS, as for CMOS, i tried clearing it too, resetting it to default settings etc, will try changing it gradually as you suggested though, just was expecting it to work as intended as its not overlocking per se, just using memory profile that came with this memory out of the box.
  4. Hello, i am trying to enable XMP on ASRock Z490 Extreme 4 motherboard for G.SKILL TridentZ 3600Mhz memory as by default it runs at 2133Mhz but whenever i do that my PC won't post for about 30 seconds and then will show me an error that says: "The system failed to boot several times before You may press F2 ot DEL to enter SETUP to reconfigure your system Or UEFI will continue to boot after X seconds" My ram is placed in dual channel mode (A2 and B2 slots), i tried swapping them around, and i tried manually putting in 3600Mhz and 1.35V but i still get the same problem. (There's no way at least not that i know of where you can actually disable some of the stuff in ASRock BIOS as for the most part there is either Enabled or Auto option instead Enabled or Disabled which is very confusing, hence even when XMP is not enabled it says Auto instead Disabled so i have no idea what's actually enabled and what's not). I tried updating BIOS to the latest as well version but that didn't change anything. PC Specs: PSU - Gigabyte P750GM CPU - Intel Core i7-10700K GPU - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 RAM - G.SKILL TridentZ RGB 3600Mhz Motherboard - ASRock Z490 Extreme 4