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  1. Thank you for the replys. For the place i want to put it in, the slim form factor is mandatory. But i got the awser i was looking for. For half height it must be 1650 or 1050 from what i could understand. So if i want anything higher than that i must dig for the perfect case. The node 202 seams like a decent option. Just one last thing. Do you think nvidia (or amd) will realease and updated 1650 (2650 maybe?) in the near future. Or is it unlikely?
  2. Hello guys from Portugal. 1st time here and 1st time building a PC. I'm a couch gamer and i'm using an 2016 "gaming laptop" with a 1080p 144hz monitor. I was looking at performance numbers and i realize my laptop is as good as an 2010-2011 desktop. This is ridiculous so its time to upgrade. My idea is to build a slim pc (so i can hide it next to the couch) with 600-700€ budget. When looking at slim cases i realized they are 110mm width? while graphic cards usually are larger than that. So my question is, is there any good and cheap graphics card that i can mount horizontally or do i have to go vertical. If i have to go vertical, will i have problem with airflow? What about power suply. Is there any limitations there? Exemple of a possible case Btw, before the nvidia 3000 series announcement, i was thinking in going with a ryzen 2700 + gtx 1660 + 16gb of ram. Now, can i go zen 2 (after zen 3 launch) with an rtx 2060? PS: I'm not trying to get max performance with max FPS. I just want a nice casual gaming experience. (i know the new consoles are ideal for that but i want a PC) Thanks for the replys in advance