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  1. What used cards would you recommend? I am definitely considering that but am not sure how to compare across generations .
  2. 3700x or 3800x/xt 32 gig ram and a x570 motherboard. Haven’t settled on a specific board yet
  3. Currently use photoshop, Lightroom and premiere and occasionally autocad. Would be interested in trying out Davinci resolve at some point. Also $250 is max budget would prefer to spend $220 or less
  4. Hi All, Looking for suggestions on a sub $250 graphics card new or used that will work well for large photo set editing and video editing on a 1080p system and that could possibly work for 4K editing in a pinch. A question i also have is although 5500xt 4g vs 8g doesn’t seem to affect gaming performance would it give better performance on workstation tasks. Thanks!