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    Big floating rock
  • Interests
    Video games, PC's, anime, most of the nerdy stuff you can think of.


  • CPU
    Ryzen 3600
  • Motherboard
    B450 pro4
  • RAM
    Corsair vengeance RGB 3600mghz
  • GPU
    Asus dual 1660 super
  • Case
    Lian LI lancool2
  • Storage
    1 NVME crucial drive, 2tb Seagate HDD
  • PSU
    EVGA 650 BQ
  • Display(s)
    Some old 1080p monitor I got at a thrift store
  • Cooling
    Stock Ryzen, for now.
  • Keyboard
    Some hunk of plastic
  • Mouse
    A lame wireless mouse I got for 15$
  • Sound
    Monitor actually has an awesome aftermarket sound bar.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
  • Phone
    I have one

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  1. Have you tried going into BIOS and making sure its trying to boot off of the right device? Like the right Harddrive or SSD? And maybe try going into BIOS and booting in safe mode to see if that fixes the issue?
  2. Honestly id explain it like this, getting a better one now make it last much longer. Since youre going to be using it for school, getting a nicer one with higher-end hardware will be like an investment. This way a year or two down the road you wont need to get another one because yours is slowing down and making it difficult to do your schooling.
  3. Honestly shouldve used the Xbox name ive been using since 14, which is greed38. But I was talking to an old friend and I said AM Dee. (Kinda hung on the d for a second) and this is what he yelled. It made me laugh, he got me into computers in the first place. So I went with it. Why not lol.
  4. Ive lived in kansas for almost my whole life, (moved to CA for a few years, just...dont go there.) After being there from 17-20 years of age I really appreciate our cost of living out here. And the general quality of people is much more kind and down to earth. Idk if id say its awesome. Theres nothing super amazing about it, but theres nothing bad either. If someone needed a place where jobs are somewhat available, non-expensive cost of living, and definitely likes the idea of small town living, for sure come here. If you dont like constant weather changes, lots of small towns and countryside, maybe dont come here. Interesting tidbit, its honestly not as flat as everyone makes it out to be. Its pretty flat in some areas, but not as much as people make it seem. Dunno whos interested, but I needed something to do while on the throne.
  5. Hey guys. So im building myself my first ever computer, and I need help from people with more experience. I have a Ryzen 3600, 16gb ram, and I dont know what GPU to get for good 1080p gaming (only momitor I have rn) that wont bottleneck it. Any recomendations? I was thinking 1660 ti but their still kinda pricey. Im a broke boi.
  6. Cleanse its dirty soul with fire not much you can do there. Prebuilts arent meant to look nice on the inside very often.
  7. I dont really feel bad for the people who bought it a month before it was unveiled. They knew it was super close, and rumors hinted it was supposed to be good. However, your 2080ti isnt any less kickass than it was 2 or 3 momths ago. Its still really good, and going for less than a 3080 online right now technically. Theyre scalped at like 1400 dollars. So you got awhile to wait before its even realistic to get your hands on one. So cheer up buttercup, youre still outperforming 90% of us
  8. Alright. Thank you. I specifically made an account here to ask lol. Thanks for the quick reply. Im not sure how to change ram speeds or anything, building my first computer ive ever owned. Im more than a noob lol
  9. I got a b450 pro4 motherboard, and got a decent deal on Corsair Vengence RGB 3600 speed CL18 ram. Is it compatible? But possibly held back to 3200? Never built/owned a computer before so Idk the ins and outs of compatibility. Couple websites said it works, couple said it didnt.