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  1. Hi guys An update here I have fix the issue by downclocking the card by -50 I have found out that is zotac issue because it cheapens out on the component. I have returned my card since i dont want to have a problem with my card in long run I have replace the my card with asus rtx 3080 tuf and since then it got no issue whatsoever. My suggestion go return your card since is the hardware issue
  2. nop no blue screen just the game crash and stop working
  3. how do u get the stop code ??
  4. should i go to the zotac or corsair for a fix ??
  5. tried but still got problem
  6. sorry the psu is 3 days old but the vga is less than 24 hour
  7. no overclocks whatsoever
  8. HI,Please Help I just bought a new powersupply and a new rtx 3080 . Whenever I play games it keep crashing ever 3 minutes or soo I have no idea whats the issue. I have reinstall the nvidia driver and it still keep crashing. I also found out that my power supply have some sort of whine sound. but I just bought it new for less than 3 days Please help this is my spec Windows 10 64 bit ROG Z370-H Intel i7 8700k (Do not over clock) 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM RTX trinity 3080 Zotac WD blue ssd 1tb Corsai CX750M Thank you