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  1. Thanks for your advice, you were right, it was just gunk. I was very worried at first. Just spent all my money moving house and starting a degree, didn't have money to buy a new loop. It's all cleaned up now.
  2. Thank you very much for your reply applefreak, I did a basic rinse of the parts in distilled water, but not such a cleaning that would remove oil. I will remove and clean them as soon as my new coolant arrives. Also would it be safe to run my loop with a about 5% food grade citric acid for a hour to try and clean out the inside of the radiator? I'll try and get my hands on some metal polish today. Thanks again
  3. Hello, I took apart my pc for shipping recently and noticed some gray patch on my copper plate. My pc has been liquid cooled for two months and using distilled water as my coolant. All my parts are copper or copper compatible so not sure what cause this, unless the distilled water was falsely adverted. Would it be okay to empty the loop and add new water in, or once the corrosion begins is there no stopping it? Also is there something I can do to treat my water block and remove the corrosion? I have images attached below of the block and the corrosion, the corroded area seems to be the dark grey patch in the center and a little light grey around that area.