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  1. Its about 80mm yeah, Its "RGB" but the colours dont change. It just has a few different coloured LEDs in it. I generally use the Thermaltake UX100s because they are cheap, perform well and look good. Got a few of them to go into other builds, but found this one in my box of spares and have no idea where it came from. More than likely a random aliexpress sale.
  2. Thanks! I might bench it tomorrow. Its a K so I can probably push it a little bit, even with the crappy cooler I found in the depths of the crap box. Heres some less potato images, borrowed the missus' iphone.
  3. I picked this up Second hand from a friend a while ago and havent gotten around to setting it up properly. It is going to be my home server, taking over some functions of other random crap in the house. I'll also be using it for gaming when I want to play something high end that the other machines wont run at a silly resolution. So it'll get a decent second hand card soon thanks to our good friends at Nvidia and the 3000s. Ive not seen a slot method for the secondary CPU and RAM, but it keeps the case small and the airflow zones quite neat. It gets noisy as hell on boot due to the small 40mm fans, but at running temps its no louder than a regular 4+ fan gaming system. It's going to get the AudigyFX Sound card, drives in and setup and wireless card Ive got somewhere.... Specs are: CPU - 2 x Xeon e5-2660 (16 cores, 32 threads) RAM - 64GB ECC Cosair DDR3 (was 32) SSD Boot - 256GB Samsung Evo SSD Storage - 480GB Corsair HDD - 2 x 5TB HDD Seagate GPU - nVidia Quadro K620 NET - 2 x Gigabit Ethernet (one intel AMT) Then its a matter of firing it up and getting the VMs running for; Plex NFS Share - Image Backups, Media Ubuntu Proxy - FTP/NTP/DNS(with addfilter)/Web Will also have a look into trying the steam streaming thing from it, to see if I can just stream to my other PCs and laptop when I need the power. Anyone used it before?
  4. Excuse the potato photos, my phone isn't the greatest. Whacked this together today with a new case and PSU, with a bunch of spares and old stuff I had lying around. Mobo: ASK H67M CPU: I5-2500k Cooler: NFI? (Was in the spares, a china one maybe?) RGB with heatpipes RAM: 16GB 1066mhz PSU: Thermaltake Litepower 450watt Case: Thermaltake H17 Matx Fans: 3x Cheap Armageddon Blue LED 80mm Light: Ebay LED RGB Strip with USB/Remote Control GPU: GTX 580 3gb Altogether it came through at about AUD450, which is pretty good for an old rig that'll play esports. Time to list it up and ship it off and build the next one!