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  1. Really haven't used eset... can't say much ! Sorry for the late reply...
  2. Virtual machines ? No Why do you need a one though ? I mean you think something will happen to your VM first( in a rare case ) and it won't affect your PC and you may then simply copy the data and start another virtual machine and a new windows ? ... But anything that is going to get plugged in, ( like a pendrive ) is to your computer , and communication ports of virtual machine ? Still there will be little advantages of security , but won't recommend it. But it will slowdown your performance a bit.
  3. I don't know much about cybersecurity. But there isn't anything similar happening on your sister's PC because she is using all the apps ? Or didn't any of her friends face any other issues ? Seems like a Man in the middle attack or DoS ? . If you are sure, about the attack, you can do one thing. Make an Account on Cisco Open DNS. Force your router to Use Open DNS by setting DNS server in WAN to and Alternate DNS Server to Also install Open DNS updater app. After that before 12am night, shut off all other network devices, except your pc ( don't keep any app open ) . and the next day morning , open DNS will show you logs which Domains and websites were accessed. If there are many, you can't block all, some are ad-related websites, (some are those windows update, time update, windows live tile updates) , so set the PC To metered connection temporary. Also if you block those ads, your web-page load times would get slow, because browsers load webpage - element by element , and they will wait for a longtime for ad to load, until being timed out. From OPEN DNS you will also get which domain was accessed the most - from there you can get a clue if it is a legitimate or not, and block that domain in opendns, so it stops further transmission of any data packets. Currently I have blocked my router's one of its own server, because it access that domain 1400 times per day ! .. It is also from a Chinese company Tenda. Once you block a domain, and if you manually access it from browser, you will see something like this
  4. If it has got Airplay, there shall be some sort of screen mirroring available. But anything wireless, mostly has lag . There are third party solutions, which accept connections from Mini Display Port, HDMI , Display Port, DVI and convert it all to HDMI , but I won't recommend them much as I can't guarantee of their reliability. Something better maybe an Amazon basics adapter. You will still need some cables handy to connect it to your customer's equipment Most Laptops Have HDMI or display port these days, with HDMI being more common. So I guess there to be atleast 2 or maybe 3 HDMI ports to the TV, so you can get an HDMI to Display Port mini cable from any good brand or amazon basics, an HDMI to HDMI , an HDMI to USB Type C , and an HDMI to HDMI and tuck them behind the TV. This will be the most reliable ( Chances of Cable failure are less as compared to the failure of an adapter) Else Try Chromecast. So Most laptops can stream directly, and also have another dongle handy. Nothing much interferes with your WiFI. Just there still could be some lag
  5. I am sorry , the 80plus certified are 80% efficient and not at 80% load but drops below 60% for idle loads. Thanks for the correction @Ankerson
  6. As others have quoted... The efficiency of these PSUs is highest when they are at about 80% load. If the current one is working good so far, would recommend to continue using it rather than generating the E-waste.
  7. There is Safe mode for that using advanced startup. I know that also won't 100% guarantee you that a specific program is not causing a problem, but many people have many important apps like office, photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, which need to be activated. Some settings need to be done again. Although this more applies to an enterprise PC and just for consumer PC doing a complete fresh install is more easy, other backups also need to be taken, of C drive ( desktop, documents, etc) .... That is why the refresh was introduced. Also then there is another type of upgrade - which installs the same version of windows (if you have the setup) just without the apps. And then it is the Complete wipe and install. If he personally has tried so many anti-virus apps, I don't think there is a virus. Personally - I don't install any antivirus app, Windows Security does its jobs well, others are a bit burden to the PC (especially a bit older ones) . System Restore is also there, if just a newly installed app causes an issue The problem could be due to multiple reasons Out of which we ruled out - Router, Cable and connector - because his sister's PC works just fine, no connection time outs in ping, even when he connects the LAN Cable connected to his PC to his sister's PC. Now it Could be PC/ Drivers/Windows/Registry , Ethernet add-in card, or that particular RJ45 socket. He seems to have tried sfc scannow and DISM , but these commands always don't guarantee the working.
  8. Yea okay, then you have to go ahead with reinstall. Or rather just refresh your PC, instead of entirely reinstalling ? It is easy too, Your Programs remain same. Just download Windows, open setup.exe . Or do it form advanced options.
  9. No disconnections on other computers in command line - ping ? And also if same lan cable is connected to your sister's pc, then are there any disconnections ? if not, Then go ahead with a system reinstall , or try updating drivers one last time before that
  10. //A bit Long Post I am using a Tenda AC10 - as my main router ( without the USB ) , you can check web interface simulator here to see what kind of settings can be done . It is at my Local IP, DHCP on. This Router is on 1st Floor. My PC is wired to it by gigabit lan. I have same SSID,Password,Security for both 2.4 & 5Ghz network. the Guest Network has SSID "Dighe Guest" for both Guest 2.4 & 5Ghz networks and carry same encryption , security and password. It Gives Ip Addresses in the range 192.168.10.x for Guest users Then I have a Huawei Router HG8145V ...( being used as a slave ) It is an integrated ONU. But that feature isn't in use as of now. The reason why I don't have this as a main router is that its range is relatively weak ( not too weak), so I am setting it up on Ground Floor, where not much bandwidth is required. It does give upto 400mbps on internet speedtests . Max LinkSpeed I have seen is around 560mbps. It is at There are other two old routers being used as switch at and for some less required wired connectivity. (just a bit irrelevant info - I don't like using Chinese equipment, but this was being used by my sister at her rented flat before the pandemic... I have checked it with Cisco OpenDNS, it doesn't seem to steal data (atleast didn't access any websites) on the contrary Tenda router seems to access cloud.tenda.com.cn and api.cloud.tenda.com.cn which I have blocked via Open DNS ) It also has same SSID, Password, encryption for roaming.. It also has multi SSID options. .. Its DHCP is Off, secondary DHCP server of it is also off. Main Router and Huawei Router are connected by Gigabit Lan. The specific IPTV port being used for connecting them on Tenda Router. Although it is functioning just as normal lan port for now. Now I want to setup Guest Network on Huawei Router too, and it won't be possible without VLANs. It does support VLANs. my tenda Router doesn't directly support it but it supports it in the form of IPTV, and from that option I can add other VLANs. The main router actually has less user adjustable settings than the Huawei Router has. I am attaching screenshots of options in that router. I couldn't find a way to do it easily. There are some other settings on Huawei router like Secondary LAN IP address. I don't know about an option called DHCP Server Option configuration. Thanks For The Help.
  11. Oh, then have to conclude it to be a C6 issue.
  12. Oh, then have to conclude it to be a C6 issue. Those warranty guys won't help... So then maybe a new firmware, or flashing a OpenWRT ( but there's always a slight risk in that ) and then flashing back an old firmware of tp-link. Just a question, does that static ip binding doesn't work at all ? Or just the roaming problem doesn't solve with static IP ? And That's totally reasonable to use Archer-C6 as main for high speed transfer rather than reverting the setup. For trial basis, as a last confirmation that the error is with the C6 router you can try switching whenever you are free. If the error doesn't occur that time, that confirms it was a fault with C6. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I once did have a problem with digisol router acting as a secondary router, and it was the first time I was cascading routers, and whatever I did, the Digisol Router always had internet connectivity on LAN, and never on WLAN. Now I use a different Secondary Router. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes you can DM me, no problem.
  13. As per this video you can. ( The video creator doesn't recommend it) Recommended - Not At All Recommended, it can die within seconds, temperature of transistors rise very rapidly, you won't be able to touch it , even if it runs for mere 2-3 seconds If you atleast have heatsink on top of it, it is just a bit safer.. If trying - try at your own risk
  14. So when you have that issue are you able to access your router's settings page or transfer files between yours and sister's computer ? So we can be sure about ethernet being working. If yes then we can also be sure about PC related issue as @LAwLz said. Do a DISM restore and sfc scannow from cmd admin and see if it solves your issue. Or we can try updating drivers Else then the DNS the pc is reffering to will be router's DNS.