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    Vancouver Canada
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    Wasting money on computers just to play AOE 2


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    Ryzen 3900XT OC to 4.4Ghz
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    B550 Aorus Pro
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    32Gb 3600Mhz Corsair
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    RTX 2080 Super
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    O11D Dynamic Tempered Glass
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    2x 1TB m.2 SSD
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    850W GOLD Corsair
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    Alien Ware Ultra Wide 3440x1440p
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    MSI MAG Core Liquid 360R RGB
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    Razer X Chroma
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    Razer DeathAdder Elite
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I was able to finally get my hands on a ASUS TUF OC 3080! Literally was so hard to get, I think I am one of the only few handful of people who had this in Vancouver Canada!
  2. Should we get the new AMD cards or the new RTX cards? Share your thoughts!
  3. Which card will get higher FPS in games would you suggest?
  4. Which one would be a better option? I know the ASUS is high quality, but if I was to get them for the same price. Which one should I get?
  5. Does anyone know which type of the capacitors the rtx 3080 gigabyte aorus master uses? Is it the higher end one, or the cheaper kind?
  6. Yeah I changed my DRS Filter from 33% to 0% and there was a bit off a difference but not huge. The picture you sent though, I went and changed all my settings to like yours. But I still dont notice much of a difference, other than the FPS dropping of course...
  7. Sorry what do you mean by the 33% filtering. So what setting do i need to change in order to see a difference?
  8. Hi everyone, I just finally got my hands on a RTX 3080! I have a monitor at the moment that is G-Sync and has a resolution of 3440x1440. I went into the Nvidia control panel and turned on the DSR settings to be able to set my games to 5K, which is the equivalence of a 4K ultra wide. But when I do this i notice the frames drop from lets say in a game from 150 FPS to like 90-100 FPS. The issue I am facing is I dont see a difference in the quality. Like I dont know if im tripping and dont notice it or I am doing something wrong here. Can someone tell me if 1440P is even able to be scaled up to 5K resolution? In terms of the frames they do drop but thats fine with me because ill still get high FPS. PS: this is something I found online, anyone know much about this?
  9. Is 10GB enough for a ultra wide 1440P? I am worried in 2 years it will be out dated and not perform well in games
  10. Does anyone think 10GB video memory is enough for a 3080 RTX?
  11. Thanks hahaha! Well the thing im worried about is that I am paying so much and if a driver is out to fix this issue by lowering the cards performance, im a bit worried about that. Plus the other thing is, that these 3080's only have 10GB of memory, and there was something i read about a 20GB version coming out soon
  12. To be honest the reason I bought it right away is because you cant even get one around here right now for anything less than $1,500. But I am not so happy I had to over pay so much. I noticed this GPU uses only one of the good type capacitors, is this still worth it considering this fact?
  13. Hi everyone, I was able to finally order one from amazon.ca today....! But after I realized this exact GPU costs MSRP 1,025$ +TAX CAD and I got it for $1.200 + TAX. Should I cancel the order? Is this a good GPU model " XC3 Ultra Gaming"? Anyone know any info what kind of capacitors this has? Please let me know!