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  1. For those who care; I managed to set both up w the 40gigs combo and both are super fast. 16/40 will be used as dual channel and 24 as single. So yes it works! Both chips are Samsung same build just diff size so maybe that’s why. question solved thread can be closed
  2. Since we dont have the Windows Store anymore, what are we going to do if we need an App out of it like iCloudDrive ? Cant find the .exe anywhere to download it manually. Is it even possible to install ?
  3. Mhhhh thanks for your reply tho i really don’t know how to figure the best way now w o spending any extra bucks on it. I just wanna use what I have for now. Which is 2x8gb and 2x32gb and 2 machines.... is there a way to testdrive it and get like a benchmark to the RAM setup? I’d like to try the following; 2x8gb vs 1x32gb vs 1x32+1x8
  4. yes its what i meant 8gb in dual, so 16gb would run dual and 24 single? or am i confusing something?
  5. the most excessive usage will be when i have my charts on while programming in virtual box while rendering a video or so
  6. Mostly I use it for DayTrading, but next to it I'm running a VirtualBox with ParrotOS KDE and of course gaming...
  7. just because i have 2 razer blades 15" and in one is 2x8GB and in the other 2x32GB - So i kinda want them to be same setup
  8. ...1x 8GB RAM and 1x 32GB RAM in same machine? And if yes, will 16gb used as dual channel and rest as single channel memory or how does that add up? Or should I go with only 1x32gb for now and wait till i can get a 2nd of those? Thank you guys cheers
  9. I want both to be 64gigs one day just not confident in letting both run on single 32gigs ... but if u say it’s 10-15% performance loss it should be fine using in both 1x32 for now since it still should be better then 16gigs?
  10. hey guys I have an issue... or more.. a question... Me and my brother have 2 Razer Blade 15" Advanced, one is equipped w 2x8GB ram and the other 2x32GB. So its 16 vs 64 - to make them more identical i was thinking to remove the 2x8 and put 1 of the 2 32gb sticks into the other blade, so both would be left with 1x32gb ram. My only concern, it wont be dual channel anymore... Sooooooo im guessing 1x32 per Laptop will be better than 2x8 but since the dual channel conf is supposed to be better im not quite certain. Should I leave the one with 64 and just buy 2x16 for the other, or can I split the 64 and spread them on both blades as single channel 32gb ram? What would yall do? Im trying to save some money currently so I thought 32 on both laptops w each 1 single channel ram, will do the job for now... other than the RAM they both identical my purposes? 70% office 20% gfx 10% gaming thank you everybody