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  1. what do you mean this is my first time trying this
  2. i am just trying to boot from the usb stick and i don't know what error message i am getting
  3. i have installed freeness to a usb and my computer has been stuck saying booting for 24 hours
  4. Bose quiet comfort 35 renewed $175 and a great warranty
  5. my dirt bike riding it there is no other feeling like flying trough the air and feeling the vibrations of the motor as you ride down the street
  6. i have the same problem but i only have a 3200g with a hyper 212 never gets above 50c and shuts off every half hour to hour requiring a hard reset and my pus is a corsair 650 watt
  7. what if Linus got a mechanic to build a pc and Linus to fix a car a