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  1. I knew I came to the right place! It was stupidity. I totally forgot that this CPU wouldn't support on-board video, but I also couldn't boot with the GPU installed...but that was before I re-seated the CPU and RAM...this time it worked. I'm old, I've built a zillion PCs, but not in a long time. Clearly I got rusty. Thanks everyone!
  2. Looking for a kind soul to give me some troubleshooting advice on an attempted new build (got the parts this morning) Symptoms: CPU fan spins, motherboard underside RGB lights up (orange) monitor sees no signal at all (it doesn't blink or get rid of its OSD) no beep codes (although I do not know if this motherboard uses beep codes) motherboard: Gigabyte B550I AORUS PRO AX cpu: Ryzen 5 3600XT That CPU is on the motherboard's compatibility list starting at bios "F2". I'd try flashing the BIOS but there's none available for download, leading me to think it ships with F2. I'm testing with nothing installed but the CPU and ram; no storage, no usb devices, using on-board video. I'm using the stock cooler for now. I don't have compatible a CPU or motherboard to test with, but: I tried different monitors & cables I tried a GTX 1660 instead of on-board video I tried a power supply from a working system I tried RAM from a working system So unless I'm doing something colossally stupid, I think I must have a problem with either the motherboard or CPU. Any suggestions for further testing? Thanks everyone