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  1. I reinstalled windows and i think everything works just fine now! thank you!
  2. Could it be windows problem? I didn’t not instal it from scratch, i just put an ssd from my old pc with windows on it.
  3. Just randomly. Pretty much as soon as I try to run any application it just stop working. I don’t even run games. Like last time I just tried to open google chrome and it froze
  4. I tried to see just know, and it froze again. I cannot do anything. I had to forcefully restart it. And it freezes again when I try to do something the gpu is about a year old. I got it with the pre built pc The cpu temperature is between 40 and 50C
  5. Hi there, So today I built a new pc, for the first time ever. I got a new case, motherboard - tuf gaming b550 plus cpu - ryzen 3700x power supply - evga 750w ram - tforce ddr4 delta tuf gaming 8gbx2 The only thing I used from my old pc is Nvidia gtx 1060 6gb graphics card. I think I followed all the instructions well and assembled everything correctly. But now my pc randomly freezes. And I have no idea why, or how to fix it. And it is very upsetting. I would really appreciate some help.
  6. Oh great, thank you! I will definitely take a look!
  7. I am looking at buying a new CPU, possibly Ryzen 7 3700x New motherboard New power supply 650-750w (I have 500w now) New ram (though I already have 8gb x2, I might use it in a new pc for now if possible, for now and buy something else later. Rtx3080 I was thinking to buy parts gradually, cos it is quite expensive.
  8. Well I have a 1080p 165hz monitor. which I might upgrade later this year. At the moment I want to build a new pc, a little more powerful.
  9. I am thinking to buy Ryzen 3700x And I have nzxt h510 case. Maybe something around $200 or less.
  10. Oh ok, I see. Well right now I have intel i5 9400f, and I want to buy Ryzen 7 3700x/3600 maybe And I have some crappy motherboard (I bought a pre build pc a year ago) don’t know the name of it. I was thinking to get tuf gaming b450m pro
  11. Hi, I really need a recommendation on which motherboard to get, that would work well with rtx3080. Something good but affordable. Thank you!
  12. No, I will probably just play at 1080p. I guess I will just have to make some room in my budget and get a new cpu with the new graphics card.
  13. Oh I see. I was think to get Ryzen 5 3600 or maybe something higher depending on the affordability.
  14. Hello! So I want to build myself a new pc. I want to get a new graphics card (rtx3080), motherboard, power supply, ram and etc. But since I cannot buy all of those things all at once, I was wandering if I can use CPU from my old pc? (i5 9400f) at least I get a new one.