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  1. I'm looking for a case to house my Unraid server, and free the current one I'm using (Evolv ATX) for a new pc build. The problem I'm facing is that the server has 4x 8TB WD RED efax disks, which if not properly cooled get really hot (if I keep them in the bottom hdd bay with bad airflow they go from mid 40°C at idle to 55°C/60°C under load, which for hdd that are up 24/7 are not good temps.) My compromise solution for now is to mount them horizontally between the mobo and the front grill, and the EVolv ATX is long enough that I can slot 3x140mm fans on the front to cool them down - so I'm looking for another case which has the same ability of having at least 4x 3.5" slots with space for fans in front. (picture below for reference only) Price if of course an issue, 'cause most of the solutions I've found are $150/$200 and above, which is frankly too much - I would like to stay below $150, otherwise I'd just leave it as is and get an Evolv X for the new build (I'm not a phanteks shill, but the evolv series is one of the cases I've had the least problems with watercooling and cable management.)