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  1. GOAT. I had changed it from .85 to 1.6 before because it gave me more v ram. It changed back to .9 when I tried to fix the game by scanning it for fixes. I switch it to 1.00 it’s super smooth!!! thanks!
  2. I guess it depends on what you want to invest in. Crucial p1 1tb or Kingston a2000 1tb should be about 100d. If all you need is 500GB, A-data sx8200 pro or Pny xlr8 cs3030 are good faster options for about 60-65d. I’m new to this stuff: is a NVME the same thing as this. If so is Wd black 500gb good?
  3. I think it could be the hard drive when I play warzone and get into the game it starts fps dropping once it is at least 4 mins into the game, the start is perfectly fine. And when I checked task manager it was at 100% would that make sense?!! I only use a hard drive and I have heard it’s not enough for warzone?! if so any suggestions for an ssd under 100$
  4. So I have found out it is not the the cpu temps because I got the temperature lower by cleaning and re applying thermal paste and it is still unplayable and i frame skip everywhere
  5. It is an unlocked model
  6. My room temp is around 72 f my case in the NZXT h510 my aio is the Corsair h100i SE I believe my pump is working how do I check?
  7. I have done all that, what is the normal rate the pump and fans should be at
  8. Why does my CPU get so hot while playing warzone!??? I have and I5 9600 and when I play warzone the temps go up to 90 c my cooler is an aio from Corsair and I have applied thermal paste. this high temperature is making the game unplayable do the very bad frame drops. My specs are: i5 9600 Rtx 2060 Corsair aio Corsair pSu 2x8 Corsair ram 3200 speed As rock Z390 Steel legend mobo Please Help
  9. Dayday1807


    I5 9600 Rtx 2060 16 gb Corsair ram seagate barracuda 2tb Asrock steel legend Z390 corsair PSU Corsaie Aio
  10. Dayday1807


    Hi guys, I play a lot of warzone and I recently switched from PS4 to pc. Whenever I play warzone on pc I get a ton of fps Drops/ skips. It only happens once I play for at least 10 mins. At the start of the game it runs just fine. I normally average 70 to 110 fps in Warzone and it is very frustrating because I will be at 100 Fps and the moment I shoot it will drop to 12. Etc. Any suggestions would be appreciate!!! many thanks
  11. Could the issue be a broken cpu? Or would that not be realistic