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  1. dang typos! I'm sorry guys, I meant to type 1070ti not 2070ti, lol. Just fixed that typo. I have a 1070ti
  2. Since I plan on going from my 1070ti to a 3080 or 3090 whenever I can actually find one available, I'll be completely skipping over the rtx 2080ti that I originally was going to get "when I can afford it" but by the time I could afford one, the 3000 series cards launched. So in the end, which 2080ti ended up being the best? I'm talking about the kind of 2080ti's that folks never needed to overclock, didn't have many issues and just worked. I'm not shopping for a 2080ti, I'm just curious since I'll never use one.
  3. yeah, i'm starting to see the logic in all of this. I'm gonna go pull my foot out of my mouth now lol
  4. oh ok. glad i brought it here then. thanks!
  5. yeah exactly. I was just a little confused because you can pre order just about anything out there but for some reason you can't preorder the 3000 series at every website I've found except this one. I thought it was a little strange and wanted to do the smart thing and share it here before I do it.
  6. https://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/search.asp?keywords=rtx+3080 Instead of waiting until they're in stock before they let you pay for a GPU, you can pay for a GPU and then waif for it to be in stock with them. Probably will still end up waiting several months anyway. What do ya'all think of this?
  7. I have a list of websites that I periodically check for an available 3090 or 3080 every now and then. I know it'll probably be several months until I can get one thanks to scalpers. But actual customers of these cards have been fighting back so hard, leaving reviews that discourage folks from buying it because it's way over priced(on amazon anyway) that Amazon is now censoring bad reviews. I tried to write a review on a 3090 to warn people this is a scam, and now you can't leave reviews on these cards unless you've actually purchased one. So basically, scalpers, and those unfortunate enough to fall for them can be the only ones who can leave a review. Try to leave a review and you get this message: Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product. Due to this activity, we have limited this product to verified purchase reviews. Thought ya'all might find this amusing.
  8. I pre ordered the Oculus Quest 2 and I'm considering pre ordering this cable as well for whenever I want to link my VR to the pc: https://www.oculus.com/quest-2/accessories/ However, it's a type c to type c connector, and I haven't seen any of the different 3080 or 3090 designs with a type C port in the back. I only see display ports and HDMI ports. So I was thinking of just improvising by getting this adapter: https://www.amazon.com/Warmstor-Adapter-Converter-Support-Charging/dp/B073H1QVJZ/ref=sr_1_16?dchild=1&keywords=type+c+to+type+a+adapter&qid=1601072718&sr=8-16 it seems like a pretty simple solution but just wanted to check here in this forum first if this is a bad idea for any reason...or if I'm wrong and there really IS a 3080 or 3090 with a type c connector. also, thanks everyone for answering my stupid noob questions in other posts I've made in this forum. I've been learning a LOT in this forum! WOOT
  9. ok so if i'm understanding things correctly, the performance i 'want' is something that'll likely be in the generation of cards after the 3000 series? if so it looks like i probably asked the wrong question since i didn't have the right info. i'm trying to figure out what i can do with my gaming pc once i install an RTX 3080 while using my LGCX for a monitor. my current build is: i78700k(with an all in one liquid cooler that has a 240mm radiator) motherboard: MSI Z370-A pro 500GB m.2(i store my win10 pro 64bit OS here) 5TB HDD(misc data storage) 4TB sata SSD(where i store my games) 64GB DDR4 RAM 1070ti gpu 850watt 80+gold PSU
  10. I never got the rtx 2080ti. When the 2000 series came out I decided to skip a generation to wait on the next one. That's why I still have a 1070ti. And my GPU has served me well....for 1080p. But now, I want to experience gaming in 4k, 120hz, WITH raytracing....AND....on a 10 bit display(i've been using an 8 bit, but my LGCX can do 10 bit from what I hear) If hypothetically, I had an RTX 2080ti, could I do 4k, 120hz and be able to have a minimum of 60FPS on games such as the PC versions of HALO 1-4, Doom 2016, Doom Eternal, the upcoming Cyberpunk, etc? I know the 3080 is cheaper and is supposed to be faster than the 2080ti, I'm just curious. Could I achieve 4k, 120hz, and raytracing in 10 bit at 60FPS with an RTX 2080Ti? ....and if so, exactly WHICH ONE? There's sooo many different RTX 2080ti's out there to chose from.
  11. This is the primary video that convinced me to get an LGCX. However, if for some reason us LGCX owners decide we need to replace this TV for whatever reason, anybody know what is the next best thing other than buying a monitor? Big format gaming displays don't count in this inquiry of mine because they are too expensive for any sane person to get. Basically, I'm asking if there's any other tvs out there that can do 4k, 120 hz, and has gsynch. Not curious about vsynch because my gaming pc is intel.
  12. but yeah that does make sense. i wouldn't be alarmed if it's a factory defect. i worked for a Caterpillar factory for 7 years and despite us making the best of the best, a defective bulldozer does sometimes escape the factory despite all of our quality gates.
  13. it could be possible those pixels were like that to begin with and that i just didn't notice them until now. it's a big screen and my face has to be about six inches from the screen to even see them. also another weird thing is that they look like they're on, even when the tv is unplugged. one is gray'ish blue, and the others are gray.
  14. i'm only on my second month with this thing. I have the 65" and use it as a monitor. its not too big for me, its perfect for what i do. these stuck pixels are spread out across the screen. about 6 of them. You can't even notice them unless your face is several inches away from the screen. however, considering the money I spent on this TV, is something is wrong with it, I want to catch it early and take care of it before it becomes a big problem. Anyone else have this issue? I've followed all the advice I've found online to avoid burn in. Got a black wall paper, hide my icons, hide my task bar, turn down the brightness when browsing the internet, etc. I'm getting geek squad tech support to come over and look at the tv since I paid for tech support and paid for a service plan, incase I have burn in issues down the line. my questions are: 1. What causes this? I can't be the only OLED owner with this issue. And yes, I ran the youtube 4k screen refresher video and all it did is cause more stuck pixels to appear. 2. Worst case scenario, if I have to replace this TV with another TV, what's the best 4k alternative to the LGCX? I got the LGCX because it's 4k, 120hz, has gsynch compatibility, and the other compatibility stuff you would need to plug an xbox series x or the newest playstation to it. And no, i don't want to get a big format display, because of the horrible square lighting zones and they make my lgcx seem cheap lol.