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  1. Hi everyone , I have the asus rog strix g15 bought recently , I am an average Battle royale player. When ever am trying to play the game am getting an average fps of 80 though my hardware is decent to pull atleast 120 fps and my display is 144hz and the thermals are quite average (no throttling) . I changed the graphics settings to Low still the same fps counts. I have checked the system stats during gaming ( no other background stuff running) observation :- cpu : 99% usage and gpu : 36 % Ram : 87% (6.8 gb used out of 7.8 gb ). Can anyone please advise why this issue is occurring ! should I upgrade the ram to 16 gb. Note : I have noticed that when the laptop is in idle state the Anti-Malware service executable is consuming minimum of 47% of ram ( ~3.8 gb ) . specs : i5 10300h / gtx 1650ti / 8 gb (7.8 usable) /512 gb ssd . I have also attached the stats pic.