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  1. i reinstal win10 yesterday using a new version! and how i reset the cmos
  2. i had the same probleme that you. what you to for fix this
  3. This is a new version of windows. a install the windows yesterday
  4. The game and the discord. Discond using 1 our 2% and the game 90%
  5. i just did this now , and keep using 100% of my cpu on game like R6. and Witcher 3
  6. but my friend has the same specs of my pc. and he play the same game with 30% and 50% of cpu usage
  7. Yes I know, but my CPU keep using 90% and 100%. and my GPU use 10% or 50% i think is for GPU use more than CPU and i want know. what i have to do for use less of my CPU
  8. But when i go play Witcher 3 and other game. only use my cpu. my gpu stay on 10%
  9. Hi. i have i7 9700K and GTX 1070 TI. when i play r6. my cpu is using 100% 90% and my gpu is using 10% 5%. what i can do for fix this? please help