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  1. so only when the game screen is open, I hear this noise coming from the graphics card, like a constant electric noise, something you hear from a refrigerator's back... I dont know if its normal or not I only had a 980ti before as a reference and that was broken everything else is working fine, I did benchmarks with fine fps and max 75C temp when fans are automatically on 76% but i notice the lights on the graphics card sometimes flickering like going off and on again and this noise is there when I open the game screen like if the game is running on the background the noise stops but if I maximize the game again it starts its not fan as I turned the fans to 100% for a second with afterburner outside the game to test, and it wasnt it
  2. Aorus 2080 Super PSU is Silverstone 850w gold+ both cards use 2x 8pins. right now my 980ti is connected by 1 cable which has like 4x 8pins hanging from it im wondering if I should connect another one of these cables to have the 2x 8pins coming from different sockets on the psu
  3. hey so im upgrading from a 980ti to a 2080super the guy who built my pc has used 1 cable to feed 2x 8pins on my 980ti i'm wondering if its better to use 2 cables? my 980ti fan died a couple of days after building this new pc so i'm a bit worried it might be related?
  4. do i have to use ddu? is it safe? I remember reading somewhere that it might give me black screen or something if something goes wrong
  5. so im upgrading from a 980 ti to 2080 super, I have the latest driver installed, do I have to delete it using the DDU software? or can I just use nvidia custom clean install on it with the new drivers also if I use ddu, will the card display without a driver until I get a driver for it ? my cpu is ryzen 3900XT so it doesnt have an integrated graphics on it.
  6. is there anyway for the factory oc cards like strix 2070 super oc to be better than a 2080 super card like aorus 2080 super?
  7. only 2080 super that i can get is either msi trio (more expensive) or aorus (good price and found easier) . are they good? which one is better
  8. unfortunately thats the thing, I will not be getting it at almost the same price where i live 3070 will probably be available with the price of 2080ti, they will only reach their intended prices probably when the next generation comes.
  9. I would, but I live in middle east and things are fucking weird here the prices are no way even close to the actual price they are supposed to be and they ruin the prices like 3080 is out now but is like 14% more expensive than 2080 ti even though it should be almost half the price 3070 would come out months later and even then it would be way more expensive than 2080 super. probably same price as 2080ti for months to come
  10. what about aorus and the micron memories failing/rapid degrading?
  11. between these cards which one should I choose; Aorus 2080 super ROG Strix 2070 super oc ROG Strix 2070 super Aorus 2070 super Msi 2070 trio - I want the card ONLY for 1080p 144hz gaming, I will not go above 1080p I'd like it to last for about 2-3 years supporting triple A games that might come in the future. the reason I cant wait for 3000s is because my gpu has died and its not available where i live and until 3070 comes it'll be a couple of months for world launch to reach me the main question I have is about the brands really. all these are in the same bracket of prices. Aorus being the only 2080 super available im wondering if strix is worth going for 2070 instead of 2080? I heard there were some RTX Cards failing because of micron memories and the card example was aorus so I just got a bad picture of it on my mind.
  12. how big a difference is 2070 super vs 2080 super?
  13. ROG Strix 2070S O8G Gaming Aorus 2070 Super 8G there is a huge price difference between these two, if you are familiar with could you tell me if they are really that different? I mean for the price of ROG Strix 2070S O8G Gaming with just a little bit more which I can afford I can go with a Aorus 2080 Super 8G