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  1. Damn you people are good. Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks. Could the gpu hardware issue affect the driver issues? Please see above.
  3. My screen has image issues. I suspect the gpu but could be wrong. I have a ryzen 5 3600 and an gefrce gtx 1070. One 1080p and one 4k screen. My screen gets cluttered with wrong colored dots sand stripes. Especially blue ones when it is supposed to be black. Even on the bios screen. Screenshots are not the same as you can see with the attached images. The blue dots and lines move with the window. Not sure if you can see the more subtle white on grey dots and stripes. I also get no signal at all to my 4k screen. And when I install the drivers, it keeps asking to be reinstalled over and over again. I tried uninstalling the drivers and do it without the GeForce experience. No difference, even when I have secure boot enabled. This is why I don't leave out a software issue. Whats the issue?