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  1. After my old motherboard seemed to have a broken RAM slot for no reason and other weird stuff happened [Detailed here] I bought a new board. This board (like the last) has EZ Debug LEDs and after putting everything in and getting it all set up, it doesn't boot. The LEDs show a CPU related issue and so I remove the CPU to check for anything abnormal, but in the process of removing the cpu the cooler ripped the cpu out with it. My dumba** decides that instead of sliding the cpu off I must brute force go against the paste (why is the stuff like liquid welder oml) and as you can expect once it did come off I dropped it ~30cm onto my glass table... So I then spent the next 2 or so hours finding and bending straight about 10 pins on the CPU (it's an AMD) until it could socket. In the process of bending the pins not one pin broke off, not even the two that were bent at a near 90 degree angle. I got the CPU to socket, slapped the cooler with a bit less thermal paste on it and tried to post, to no avail. Once more I checked over the pins to see if any where gone/bent but nothing, even spending a full hour and a half with a piece of black cardboard and a flashlight going row to row twice over I found nothing, and so I cleaned the pins with a never used toothbrush and isopropyl but still nothing. The CPU is an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (I won the silicon lottery on it getting a stable oc of 4.20ghz even) and the Motherboard is the brand new MSI B550 Pro-VDH WiFi, the board says it should support my CPU but I'm wondering if I broke it by dropping it. Any suggestions for fixing/troubleshooting will be amazing.
  2. Salut! I got a new case after my old case was rusting (9 year old case lol) and after putting everything in it didn't post. I thought it was the GPU because the debug lights on my MSI B350M Gaming PRO said it was such, but it turned out to be my CPU (Ryzen 5 2600). Now it turned out that somehow I got a tidbit of thermal paste onto the pins of the CPU, this was cleaned out using a toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol. After slapping the now clean CPU in and putting my AIO onto it my pc posted and booted to Windows...But with one of my ram sticks being reserved for system. Thinking it was odd I swapped the ram sticks around to see if that would do it, still only one stick. Trying to find what stick it was I booted with only one stick installed, it booted with stick A in, then it didn't post with stick B, I put stick A in and booted to bios thinking that I should go ahead and update bios when I was already working on my pc. I flashed it and it booted just fine. My father thought that maybe with the new bios the other stick may work (okay I'll trust you, you are the head of IT at your work idk), after putting stick B along with stick A in, my pc didn't post. My board doesn't show any debug leds and can sit there with fans ramped up for 30min on end without posting. I've swapped the sticks around and tried with only one in, the Bios looked different from the other one that I had (had "MSI Click BIOS 5" from around 2018 and went to 7A39v2NR). I'ved tried clearing CMOS to no avail. This all is really odd to me because I didn't even remove the RAM from the board when swapping cases (idk what the hell happened with the CPU, I had my dad install the AIO when I was away). Parts; Motherboard: MSI B350M Gaming PRO CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 OC 4.20Ghz GPU: Zotac GTX 1060 6gb AMP Edition PSU: EVGA 500W RAM: [2] Ballistix 2666MHz 8gb New Case: Cooler Master Q300L Old Case: Unknown Would love any input on how I could try and fix this.