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  1. Its a screenshot from software used in Max Planck florida institute of Neuroscience, for their research and testing on human brain... Here is the video/channel of the institute:- Can you tell me the name of the software pls??
  2. Here are screenshots from NASA houston control room analysing Hubble telescope data from 2008 on computers running Windows XP..! I wnna know what are these green written stuff programs on computer screens and what is its function?
  3. Below are screenshots of NASA kennedy space center and Houston control center using consoles running Windows xp with some softwares that keep track of flight dynamics.. I wnna know what type of programs are these and who makes them?? Another thing is why NASA shifted to Linux from Windows after 2008 ??
  4. Its from behind the scenes of making of Japenese Anime "Naruto" movie ..a video on which is available on YouTube also.. I wnna know what are the Animation and compositing softwares used in the making based on these scrnshots???!
  5. To answer people asking why im posting old stuff, its becoz Im making a project on old animation softwares used in game making,so please people cooperate.. Whats ths game editor, its from behind the scence of "Galleon xbox video game"from 2004..
  6. How you merged threads?..wnna know that..im new to this stuff ,just have only used yahoo answers in past..
  7. Its from behind the scences of POP sands of time game.. Its a game editor, but whats its name and version??
  8. Its from behind the scenes of "Prince of persia sands of time" what coding software is this ,being used to write codes for the game??
  9. Its from behind the scenes of Battlefield bad company...i wnna know whats the name of this specific software ,seems like game engine/editor to me!!