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  1. i recently got myself a new motherboard (b450m steel legend) in response to the grinding noise cuz i thought it came from the previous budget motherboard. it didnt. its not the hard drive and i had this issue with my previous gpu. its not a case fan or gpu fan. specs: -ryzen 5 2600 (ik im gonna be upgrading) -rtx 2070 super -b450m steel legend -corsair vengence pro rgb 3200 mhz -corsair 650 w psu
  2. Its a b450m steel legend with ryzen 5 2600. Its not the psu i tested it with two different psu(wich are working). I tested all the components its the motherboard but its new
  3. Built a pc lately wich doesnt turn on. after some troubleshooting its the motherboard. But it is new cuz the last one didnt boot as well. Yes i plugged the front panel connectors in the right place
  4. corsair vengence rgb pro 16 gb 3200 mhz, b450 pro m2max. yup i hear the game and all but i cant do anything. 80 degrees max
  5. But he bought it for 1,4k absolutely dumb decision
  6. A friend of mine wants a new pc now so some1 he knew put this pc together for him. Is it any good cuz i donz see why u should config a rig for 1,4k like this