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  1. I tried pushing it down hard, it won't go down more because there's literally no room left between the sata and the gpu
  2. Yeah, it won't let me push it down, they're blocking as you can see on the video video-1600970193.mp4
  3. I can't push the gpu down because it gets stuck on the black SATA inputs at the end
  4. Hello! I have a msi z390 A-pro motherboard ATX and want to upgrade to my 1660 ti to 3000 series. As you can see my 1660 ti 215 mm can barely fit until it hits the SATA on the end of the MB. Problem is any card over 240mm doesn't seem to fit inside the motherboard when I check the lenght. I've been trying to google the issue and according to userbenchmark.com people are using 2070 super with this motherboard etc who are all above 260mm. In the pictures i'm trying to install my old 970 turbo which is 264mm, same as 3070 and 2070. I don't feel like replacing a 2 month old motherboard to be able to upgrade to any other gpu. Is this motherboard really only compadable with gpu's under 240mm or am I doing something wrong here? thanks!
  5. Is there any way to buy an extra one? or do I need brand specific
  6. Hey I'm buying a 2x8 pin powered 3080 and I was wondering if these cables ( https://ibb.co/RBr34HR ) on my 750 watt psu will be enough to power it without risk or do I need 2 seperate 8 pin cables?