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  1. Hi everyone, i hope everyone healthy. I want best picture quality between these 3 monitor. My usage is coding, movies, a little bit gaming. Picture quality and colors are most important thing. Please dont recommend different monitor because alternatives not exist in my country. AOC Q3279VWFD8: 2K IPS Panel ( 8Bit + FRC ) %84 Adobe RGB, %98 sRGB AMD FreeSync 75Hz Samsung U32J590: 4K MVA Panel (True 10Bit) %88 Adobe RGB, %100 sRGB AMD FreeSync 60Hz Philips 328B6QJEB: 2K IPS Panel ( 8Bit + FRC ) %110 NTSC 1953, %128sRGB 60Hz True 10Bit and 4K looks like great, i would like to hear your opinions.
  2. LG 43UN700 4K Monitor is this decent solution ?
  3. Right now i am using ViewSonic VA2855smh i want to use bigger screen, 27 not enough for me. I have small room and i want good visual experience when i was watching from bed. 32,43 are good screen size. 2020 cheap 4K TV's like Samsung TU8000 have 50hz VA panel. Thats why i am looking for 32" Monitor because of IPS and very wide color gamut. 43" monitors are good but they are old and doest cover wide color gamut like AOC. So AOC Q3279VWFD8 will be decent solution for me with VESA certificeted DisplayPort cable any alternative solution ? LG 43UD79-B what do u guys think about that monitor ? Especially picture quality ? For example %99 sRGB vs %130 sRGB is color gamut effect picture quality ?
  4. Hello everyone. I want to buy 32" IPS 10bit wide color gamut monitor. AOC Q3279VWFD8 meet my needs. But after ROG META BUFF event they annouced PG329Q and its amazing higher refresh rate and very wide color gamut amazing response time. Should i wait for next-gen IPS monitor or its not worth to wait ? I am focusing on picture quality not gaming. By the way my budget max 500usd. ROG series gonna be very expensive i guess. Basically 2018 model IPS vs 2020 FAST-IPS varients, is picture quality change too much ? For example using SSD after HDD was amazing, can we expect that kind of jump ? Thanks for answers.