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Maury Sells Wigs

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    Maury's Wigs, 26 Queens Boulevard, NY.
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    Fine hair pieces for the discerning gentleman, planning cash robberies from poorly secured airport facilities, annoying Jimmy 'The Gent' Burke, and, apparently, paying two points above the vig because I'm a schmuck on wheels.
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    Whadda you a cawp?
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    Toupee related services.


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    RTX 2060
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    2tb + 500gb
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    600 w
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    Windows 10

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  1. I shudder to think what's in that case for 174 quid. It might be better to use your 190 as a good base to build on and see if you can save some more money. It'll be worth it.
  2. Pleased for you, my friend. This is a true pc hobbyists.
  3. Hey, I was just wondering if 9 fans plus an intricate water cooling system isn't slight overkill? What do you reckon that is, 32 or 64gb of RAM? Should have looked closer at OP, it's 32.
  4. I've had two new monitors in the last 6 months. One is a 4k 6hz and the other is 1440p 144hz. Neither, at least for me, felt right straight out of the box. It took some time and patience to find the sweet spot, and it is still not necessarily what someone else may find as their optimal image. Some people prefer a darker image, others brighter, some like sharpness, others less so, some people sit close to the screen, others futher away, some may have varying degrees of colour blindness, or be short/long sighted. All of these things can affect how you will want to set up your monitor. Which is fine, as nowadays there are numerous ways to personalise the experience and tailor it exactly to your specific needs. My point being, there aren't really any definitive settings that can be used by everyone. The best thing is take a few minutes to play with your monitor, learn it's Interface, and find what is best for you.
  5. Nobody on this site will ever advise you to get a pre-built. It's blasphemy.
  6. They are about as different as it's possible to get. Trine is a great side scrolling adventure series, with puzzles and platforming.
  7. Kick Off (Amiga 500), Mario 3, Virtua Fighter, CoD Modern Warfare (original 360), The Division (1-30), MGS5:PP, The Last of Us. There's so many more.
  8. But, you didn't say any of that in your original post.
  9. Is what a good deal? A computer covered in mustard and ketchup?