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  1. i've read your answer and it was for me to understand it lol, you mean if my gpu is doing good then it's not worth it and if it's doing bad it is worth it then, yeah i'm easily getting around 144 fps on 1440p on games i play, thank you for the help and that's all.
  2. Side question btw, i built this pc 2 months ago, and my gpu is an rtx 2070 super and would any upgrade to the rtx 3000 series be worth it or nah ?
  3. Thank you for the great help, the only thing tempting me to change it is because i listed it on a local listing and i got a 100$ offer on it which is great, cuz i only paid 30$ more than that for it.
  4. oh yeah that why the second one in the pictures caught my attention, it has already 4 fans installed and it costs only 50$, crazy cheap
  5. Rtx 2070 super, i7 9700k, corsair vengeance 3000 mhz ddr4, z390 a-pro motherboard.
  6. Even with the 3 front fans on the gamemax one ? it would still be more hot ?
  7. I have this cougar panzer max case which is a full tower case and i'm trying to move my parts from that to a mid tower case called gamemax starlight black frgb pictures down:
  8. Thanks, also this is the official page of it instead of the wrong one i posted https://www.msi.com/Laptop/GeForce-RTX-2070-SUPER-VENTUS-GP-OC
  9. Also the boost clock is 1785, instead of 1770.
  10. I fixed my title and topic, it's an MSI GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER VENTUS GP OC instead of MSI GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER VENTUS GP, which is even better, it is factory oced.
  11. So i have owned this card for 2+ months now, it's an MSI GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER VENTUS GP OC and i noticed through Gpu-z the in-game GPU Clock while in game is either 1920-1935-1950. are these values normal ? shouldn't they be higher on an factory oced card like this one ? worth to mention that my temps on it are fairly good and never passes 73c while on a not so cold room.
  12. Could i do the same with my current cpu ? my older motherboard with the 4970k was asus, now i have a 9700k with msi motherboard, it's an z390 a-pro
  13. Why is my 9700k is sitting at only 4.6Ghz at full load in games i play, isn't it advertised at 4.9Ghz boost speed ?
  14. I tried resetting it many times after upgrading firmware and it's apparently an issue with the firmware itself from netgear. the patch notes for later firmwares are just random *security fix* ones that are not detailed or not showing what was the issue that got fixed. the model is D6100 and i saw someone having a similliar issue in this post https://community.netgear.com/t5/General-WiFi-Routers-Non/D6100-5GHz-extremely-slow/m-p/1832198/highlight/true
  15. Hello, i have a netgear router that i use for years now, i have 80 mbps up and down, when i upgraded the firmware i was getting full speed on 2.4ghz but almost half speed on 5ghz. i tried all channels and options and the speed on 5ghz won't get more than 40 mbps, i figured out the issue was when i upgraded from the older firmware version to newer, the newer version halves my 5ghz speed from 80 mbps to 40 mbps and on the older firmware is all good ! kinda weird but will i be safe using the oldest firmware or older firmwares on a router ?