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  1. The game does not start. After starting the game, the game connects to the server, but then a movie is shown. Over and over again.
  2. okay. I took a picture of what I have
  3. I checked for hours today. I was looking for. The computer was installed 5 years ago in the service. I don't know how many pins were in the set.
  4. I do not have spacers, because they were used to mount the old msi z97 gaming 3 motherboard. They cannot be removed.
  5. I checked many times. Without the knife, the pc won't start
  6. Unfortunately, there is nothing else. One screw entry is missing and the other is missing. The size of my thumb has become between the motherboard and the case.
  7. White housing. He's a clerk. The point is, the case doesn't secure the plate and it bends. There is no room for one screw in the housing, because the hole is nearby. By tightening the plate, it also bends.
  8. I have a corsair 300r housing. ASRock B460M-HDV does not fit as it has the micro ATX standard. The motherboard is bending. So I have to raise it with a knife so that it does not bend. As a result, the graphics card does not work without this upgrade. How to screw it on?