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  1. Hey guys long story short don't trust any iso file on the internet there can be hidden malware with it. It's always best to make it yourself. ame seems like a fantastic start to newbies in the tweaking community but it's best to do this yourself with a program such as ntlite. ame is really nice and looks like it removes a lot of (bloatware) and telemetry with windows 10. However if you don't know what you're doing or what to expect, an OS like this will never work. You will end up briking most stuff, lose features most of you want etc. plus on top of this there are additional programs and tweaks you must make to an os like this for it work properly. There are also services you have you disable or enable for certain things for windows to work and disabling services can be very dangerous and will most likely end up in a black screen if you're not careful. Some services are required for games to work, internet and Bluetooth etc so you have to find out what you're not using in order for the bare minimum on your system and this can take a few windows installs so have a spare windows USB or dual boots you will save yourself "some" headache. Am I saying it's impossible not to be able to do this on your first windows install without encountering and problems? no but it's a lot better to be in the know of what you do to your os in case the event something breaks that you need. To be fair most people won't have to mess with services and it barely makes a difference for gamers but definitely helps with memory and should be looked at by people that want to tweak even further. More some you also have to keep your specs into consideration such as your cpu and motherboard mainly. Why? because of bios settings. You can do all the tweaks and more but if you don't have good bios settings these tweaks are pretty much useless guys. I recommend Intel for the best latency on Windows. Personally I have an amd cpu and everything works fine. your gpu is not as important. in bios look at tweaking global c states (this should always be disabled) hyper threading/smt, nx mode and xmp on to get higher speeds. always overclock your cpu in bios also look at maybe tweaking your memory times but this will take too much time and i usually avoid this. Turn off any windows or any boot logo off for faster start times etc. One more thing i have to mention is programs and regedit is an important part to tweaking so be careful of what you download and change. Also most people are gonna be forced onto 2004 because of the new gpus NVIDIA is releasing and 2004 is a terrible version for windows because of the synthetic timers and a bunch of stuff. The best os version atm for gamers and bare minimum is 1709. If you guys want further information go to f33thy on youtube he covers what most people don't and there is some really good google docs out there i won't be covering atm. So what's the lesson to be taken here? It's quite simple really if you're a gamer/ competitive gamer and want every possible advantage you can take and you don't care about security and are smart on the internet and have the time and dedication to learn this stuff and create your own iso sure go for it. Why is it beneficial? Smoother game play lower latency higher fps better a more responsive mouse for better aim etc. Why would something like this not be worth your time if you're a gamer? Well as said you might care about some features you might not have the time on your hands you might be a really good gamer and feel these tweaks are useless to you. (I feel like these tweaks are very important) You also might want to have a half tweaked os with idk store apps installed or cortana or maybe some other things enabled or disabled. In conclusion I recommend everyone one of you that's read through this or is interested in this topic or competitive gaming to look further into this community of tweaking and maybe give it a shot to expand your knowledge with windows and how terrbile it really is for hardcore gamers. Cheers.