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  1. RTX Wise / DLSS 2.0 alone kind of outvalues 2080 Ti, not sure if 2080 Ti has DLSS 2.0
  2. Yup, indeed, I kind of really hope on AMD this year.
  3. Locally people sell even 2nd hand 2080Tis above 600 Eur... I consider that 2080Ti value atm is ~350 eur 2nd hand.
  4. Agree, Nvidia is pulling intel moves, ramping up prices artificially... but yes, so far 6900XT looks good, the 80 CU unit. a glimmer of hope? AMD these years is the knight with the battered armor that survived countless battles and nvidia is the "white knight" aka douche, hopefully if AMD takes lead in next years, they dont turn into nvidia.
  5. I see, well, im not 100% it will even drop in price in EU.. stores here seem to be hyper greedy, even 2080 Ti is still 1500 EUR+
  6. do you think its worth paying ~1.15-1.3k for it atm? its double the FE price..
  7. Hopefully. otherwise it would be strange, though you wont know for sure until you open it. I want to get a 3080 but atm for 1139.89$ dont really want to buy off stores.. I dont see its value that high... I think perhaps waiting for 6900XT is better.
  8. Alright, in regards to cheap capacitor builds where board partners cheaped out - supposedly asus TUF Gaming is the best, and everyone is praising asus for not cheaping out... yet be careful.. they DID. Heres a clear example of US Version of asus TUF Gaming: and below EU version... Notice the capacitor difference?
  9. Depends on CPU, check how many lanes it has for RAM, if 2, then any more is useless.
  10. Feel free to suggest other parts as well if you know something better!
  11. Im going for 3080 once it comes out, I just prepicked items in store and added to basket, so once it comes out i can quickly snatch it, going for founders edition.
  12. Kind of feels weiird actually buying mobo thats more expensive than the cpu
  13. Sounds good , looks like it has quite good DRM for its price, im kind of wondering, maybe to throw in 80 eur extra and get the Unify version
  14. It is MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI, cheaper even than all other selections
  15. Hello everyone, ive run into quite a dilemma and cant decide on a motherboard - I would like to overclock the 10600k as well so here's the options that Ive found - also open for other sugestions! Z490 MSI Tomahawk MSI MPG Z490 GAMING CARBON WIFI Gigabyte Aorus Elite AC Asus Prime Z490-A Thanks for help!