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  1. Website and box says that supports Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) and in bios it shows the 3000 and 3200mhz xmp profile. Ram list shows only up to 2666 sticks but bios and box says different. It's weird. Maybe you guys are right and it doesnt support more speed. OR my sticks arent compatible.
  2. I just bought: i9-9900 Asus Strix B365-F Gaming PN (90MB11I0-M0EAY0) 2 x 8GB RAM Kingston PN (HX432C16FB3A/8) I know they doesn't show in the memory list. (The only ones i got available in my reseller and cant get better or different ones in Argentina= I enabled XMP in the bios in 3200 but ram only goes up to 2666, (i dont mind using them at 2666, but since I have them, it would be good to take advantage of them! Is there a way get it working with custom timing or something like that? You can like guides or ask me any question!