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  1. So I can pickup this for €1400 (USED!) CPU: R7 3800x GPU: RTX 2080ti MOBO: MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon Wi-Fi AIO: NZXT Kraken x62 RAM:TridentZ Neo 32GB 3600MhZ CASE: Phanteks Evolv X Andresite SSD: Crucial MX300 M.2 1TB SSHD: 2x 2TB Seagate PSU: RM1000 Fully Modular OR Im gonna pick up the RTX 3080, Which will cost me more. Only have an hour more to decide before it drops in NETHERLANDS. Ty (If buying 3080, ill pick up the Gaming X Trio for €785)
  2. And what do you need this much ram for?
  3. And which one is better, the i9 9900k or r9 3900x?
  4. Thank you for your recommandations, Ill surely look into it. I haven't bought the Oddysey YET. But I heard they are updating drivers and stuf.. It also seemed like the "flickering problem" was bigger on the 32' am I right? And if its not getting fixed, which monitor for around the same price branche do you recommend?
  5. Target resulation 1440p 240hz (Samsung Oddysey G7 27'
  6. Yeah but 3900x will be a better choice for the future. Imagine buying this pc in about 5 years, everyone is gonna want the extra cores. Not the "outdated" 3600 that cant keep up with the new games
  7. Yeah but if I'm planning on selling the thing after a couple of years, people would be far more interested in a r9 3900x instead of a outdated 10600k or 3600
  8. I'm planning on using it for gaming, streaming, beat-making, and video-editing (just YouTube video's, not graphic design or photo's!)
  9. I think i'll indeed look into the ram, allthough I really want the RGB (= more fps) no but it just looks better to me. Should I get a 750W or 850W? And which branding is good? The budget for the PSU is around €100-€150.
  10. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2tYL6R This is what im planning on buying in combination with the 3070 or 3080. Opinions?
  11. Nah I took a good look further into it, the RTX 2080ti is not even worth €400 so what do you mean about right?
  12. idk what to do with this answer lol
  13. Ill be using it for gaming but I want a used wow thanks might take a look at that hah a