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  1. I'm on Archlinux using Budgie, what else do you need to know ? Laptop: CPU: i5-7300HQ, 16GB RAM, Nvidia 1050 GTX
  2. Hej ! So i have a laptop running on Windows and every now and then I plug in a USB Linux OS. When I go on windows the laptop doesn't seem to heat that much if i'm only using it for writting or internet, but doing the same on the Linux instalation the laptop heat us much as if I was playing games. My question, is it related to my Linux instalation, so a software problem, or is it because I use an operating system through a USB port ?
  3. Thx for all the answers i'll look further into it
  4. Hej, Looking for a new processor to go with my 3080 to play in 4K. I have ~650€ for proc. mb and cooling. Here is what I found: -AMD: Intel: Wich one is better for 4K gaming you'll say and why ?
  5. Hej Would a 10th gen intel processor work on an z370 motherboard ?
  6. Ok i see. Is the 3080 certified to get 144FPS on 4K is it even certified to have 60FPS ? Might see to get a better screen if its the case, can't stop 4K now that i tried it..
  7. Ok, is there no way to use multiple gpu now that SLI is dead ?
  8. Hej, I have a Samsung U28E590D 4K monitor with the possibility of splitting the screen for 2 differents sources. My question is, can I with two different graphics card, one 1080 and one 3080 on the same computer play games in full screen by using both card and splitting the screen between them ? If so, would RTX work even if it has a 1080 ?
  9. I actually have a 3.3-3.5GHZ SSD, would love to see how it improves games with this new tech
  10. Hej ! Looking on the specs for the new gpus and am I the only one that finds it odd that the 3080 only has 10GB of VRAM ? I'm currently playing Control in2160p and it almost takes the whole 8GB of VRAM i have, so if the 3080 is 4K capable for the futur it makes its 10GB of VRAM kinda look week. What do you think ?
  11. My motherboard is an Asus Z370-A, what does it imply then ?
  12. Hej ! I currently have DDR4 2133MHz RAM with an i5 8600K, is their real reasons to upgrade to faster memory ? In the Intel documentation for the processor it says something like: Memory speed: 2133MHz and 2666MHz, does it mean i can't put faster memory with this CPU ? Thx !