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    Server, PC, Internet Security, Sophos, Firewall, Citrix, SQL, Windows, Windows Server, Exchange, Intel, HP, Networking, Networkswitch, Storage Server, CA, Certificates, Backup, Veeam, Scripting, Powershell, Python, Java, C+, C#, VBs, Bash, Dos, Anti-Apple,
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    Just an other IT-Nerd from Switzerland :)

    With a serverfarm in his basement!
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  1. Hello everybody I brought a new server mainboard (Intel S5520HC) for myself a few week ago. Yesterday I tried to boot the system. I heard three "beebs". So I put other ram into the system. Afterwards there was no "beeb" but I couldnt see the bootscreen. Any tips?
  2. Hello I need help connecting the front io with Power Switch, Reset Switch, HDD Led and Power Led (+ and -). Case: https://www.amazon.de/INTER-TECH-Servergehäuse-IPC-4U-4088-S-45cm/dp/B00W8XKAJI Motherboard: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/de/de/ark/products/36599/intel-server-board-s5520hc.html Thanks for your help!
  3. Ok I will test it by myself. Ive got some 8 GB, 16GB and 24GB Modules. Thanks for your replies!
  4. Hello A client asked me if its possible to use HP signed ram in an other system, like Super Micro etc. On Google I couldnt find anything about that question. So is it possible?
  5. Migros (supermarket), Coop (supermarket), Volg (supermarket), Chickeria (Fast Food),
  6. Maybe a hard reset? Can you get into the bios to run some hardware tests? Regards, Mathis
  7. Hello I had the same Problem. I removed / updated all kind of things between my router and my pc, like for example my hp network switch. Do you have this issue also in other games? Regards Mathis
  8. Maybe try a Bios Update or disable Raid mode?
  9. Welcome to the forum!


  10. Will this work? https://www.delock.de/produkt/83410/merkmale.html
  11. Is there any converter? Like from 6pin to 8pin ?
  12. There's no PSU (that I know of) with 2 CPU 8 pin connectors. Also the server power supply are very loud.
  13. Hello I am building a new server. I only need a power supply. The server is in an ATX Server Case. It has 2 CPUs (2x Xeon E5620), 256 DDR3 ECC Ram and 36 TB (6 hard disks) Sata storage. So I need a power supply, if possible redundant, which has 2 8 pin connectors for the CPUs and one for the mainboard. It should be available in Switzerland :) . Thanks for your suggestions! Regards, Mathis
  14. Hello Unfortunately, Citrix only supports Server GPU's like a Quadro, I guess. Have you installed the newest NVIDIA driver? Regards, Mathis
  15. Just an other IT-Nerd from Switzerland!



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