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  1. Did you try changing the thermal paste ?
  2. If you can try get a RMx850 or any good 850 watt power supply. If you ever want to upgrade to a better GPU, at least you have the power and also, power supply and case are components that can last for 1-2-3 builds... Make sure you use a case and a power supply that would last at least 2 builds I say
  3. Some app do use pagefile even if theres memory available. Its normal
  4. I would have bought it for 1998.99$ but at 1999.99$ too bad, too expansive.
  5. Yeah I think I got a weak chip. My friend has the same and not sure if you are familiar with the "prediction" area of asus boards BIOS ? There you can see a "SP " value and mine is a weak 65 while my friend has the same cpu, runs same speed with less voltage and his SP score is 85. Is that SP score accurate ? Would make sense tho for my example lol
  6. I was saying temps are fine for daily usage / gaming (no hard rendering etc.) but I have to raise voltage up to 1.45vcore to get a stable 5.1 ghz all cores so I am wondering by how much that would shorten the chip life. I plan to use the computer for 5-6-7 years Stock it runs just over 1.3vcore so I could run it this way too. Do you think running a chip a 1.45 vcore will/could make it break/fail within 5-6-7 years ? From your answer I assume I should run it stock for long term but I was just wondering if someone has experience to tell by how much it would shorten the cpu life ! Thanks !
  7. Hi guys, What is the max vcore should be at for a daily usage 10900k build, assuming the temperatures are fine ? Is it safe to say 1.45vcore and under is fine ? Thanks !
  8. I have the same CPU as you with a less good cooler, and can't run 5 GHZ all cores sync stable unless going for like 1.45vcore. I guess I have a bad silicon chip. What I would like to point out to you is I could run all benchmarks with no problem, and prime95 / occt / realbench stress tests as well for ~10-15 min. But soon or later, OCCT / Prime95 / would find errors in hash results / unstability For me it was around 15 mins so clearly the setup wasn't stable even if sending as much voltage as I could / would. I am just saying the fact you run a stress test for 5 min doesn't mean anything and if temps went 86 degree in only 5 min theres high chance most if not all your stress tests will crash and/or your cpu overheats after 15 min / 1 hour / 4 hours / 8 hours etc.. I call an overclock "stable" when it passes 24 hours stress tests. Best is to test more than 1 stress test. Hope that helps ! Btw, mine runs @ 1.3vcore / 1.33vcore stock when on load !
  9. Applications running in the background. Dont worry about it. CPUZ is quick and reliable. Cinebench R20 is more accurate but longer.
  10. It should run doom95 / duke nukem 3d with no problems Or treat yourself with a game of age of empire 2 !
  11. Yes. I would always try to have a laptop deliver as less power as possible as it is eating the battery and producing heat. Laptops, guys, I hate to say it, but, are not made for gaming or huge tasks, they are made to be conveniable to use away from a desk !! I know they still do gaming laptops and etc.... I know I know !!!
  12. Voltage is only providing the "power" for the cpu to achieve clock speed. If you don't change clock speed and just raise voltage, all you are doing is increasing Heat and electricity going into the CPU with zero gains. In other words, don't do that.
  13. I believe this is what we used to call the NB / North Bridge