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  1. Thanks again gents for your combined wisdom - I have thought about the AP5 but not sure I want to modify the guitar. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi all I have some older acoustic guitars (pre-1985) I am weighing up having a pick-up fitted to them, but would like to explore a microphone that clips onto the sound hole Can anybody give me advice RE 1. whether this approach provides good quality "pick-up" 2. how much feedback is generated with this approach 3. the best options / choices of product thanks in anticipation Daryl
  3. Thanks for the comments and suggestions - much appreciated
  4. Hi all Not sure if this is the best forum to post this question I have recently purchased a 1960s Maton valve amplifier I am looking for recommendations for reliable technicians to service it I am in the northern suburbs of Melbourne Thanks in anticipation Daryl
  5. Thanks for the response 

    This was the guitar I could see on the original post 



    Left handed Maton - Coolibah.jpg

  6. Good afternoon

    Love your guitar collection - particularly that left handed Maton Coolibah

    I am a lefty, and left handed older Maton guitars are hard to come by