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  • Birthday 1989-10-06


  • CPU
    Intel i7 9700k
  • Motherboard
    Asrock z390 phantom 4s/ac
  • RAM
    (2x) Hp v6 8gb
  • GPU
    Geforce rtx 2070 super
  • Case
    Rosewill cullinan px
  • Storage
    Adata su750 1tb
  • PSU
    Gigabyte g750h
  • Display(s)
    (1x) AOC cq27g1/ (2x) asus ve248
  • Cooling
    240mm liquid cooler/ (4x) 120mm fans
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. That looks exactly like my fans & remote! I emailed Skytech to see if they recommend something, but if I had to lay money on it, I would bet they'll say Gamdias. Thanks again, to both of you. The real MVP's
  2. It's a prebuilt from Skytech. The controller has their logo on it and i cant find a brand or even model on the fans themselves. Never crossed my mind that its a proprietary connector. That's probably the reason for the confusion.
  3. My pc has a fan controller (pictured) and I was wanting to add a couple more case fans to the bottom of the case. Problem is I'm not sure which type this is or which type of fans I need to buy. I've seen 3 pin, 4 pin & molex connections in online stores, but this controller doesn't seem to match either of those. There are 8 pins in each slot, but when searching for 8 pin fans I couldn't find anything. What is the connector type that fits this? What type of case fan should I search for? Does connecting a fan to this single plug cover power, fan speed, and rgb lighting? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  4. CMB

    First impressions

    Appreciate that man definitely an awesome community. Was checking out your profile. Your rig is spec'd out. U got a pic anywhere on this forum?
  5. CMB

    First impressions

    All of my friends grew up as console gamers. I'm still trying to show them the error of their ways that I recently learned myself. I don't think I'll be going anywhere either. Came from a few reddit subs. Guess that's why I felt a lil "less than" for having a prebuilt.
  6. CMB

    First impressions

    Thanks man. I'm gonna have to wait many years, no doubt. Wife would kill me if I even mentioned trying to buy another pc lol. Only regret is I didn't put it together myself. If I knew then what little I know now I may have taken the plunge. Just so overwhelming when ur brand new to the game. Looks like u have been on this forum for a good minute.
  7. CMB

    First impressions

    Just wanted to say greetings to everyone and appreciate how great this community has been in my short time being a member. Had a question, and was answered within 24 hours. Although the answer wasn't what I wanted to hear, I heeded the advice of those who I'm sure had much more experience than myself. Looking forward to lurking more and learning everything I can so that hopefully I will have enough courage and confidence in a few years to build my next pc myself.
  8. Now I think I'm just gonna toss it. Appreciate the advice.
  9. First off, I'm brand new to building/modifying. I took a hard drive out of an old junk pc and was wanting to install it onto my own for extra storage. Problem is I cant find a place on my mobo for the 40 pin ribbon, and the only tutorial vids I could find on the net are for SATA connections. I've included a pic with all of the connections on the HDD. It's a wd400 enhanced IDE. Is there a way I could possibly rig this up? Or is this hard drive too outdated for a modern pc?