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  1. I am defo going to reapply compound and try and make sure fan is attached well. Also, just for reference, what temp should the core be in bios? So I can judge if my efforts worked or not. thanks
  2. I should also mention that I applied thermal paste myself.
  3. Literally just got the build to boot. Now I’m seeing constant warnings and these temps. I’m pretty sure fan is on correct. See image attached
  4. So you’re saying that I should leave the non-modular port on the PSU empty?
  5. Absolute novice here, why does the semi-modular PSU have one modular CPU cable and another port marked as a CPU connector, please don’t tell me that people are using two processors at one nowadays are they? I’ll attach an image
  6. Is there even a port on the motherboard? Btw I’m talking about the big fat blue connectors.
  7. Mobo is MSI B550M PRO VDH WIFI & case is phanteks P400A
  8. The manual is hard to understand. I don’t think it was written by a native English speaker. I’ll attach images