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  1. well ryzen 4000 series prove it self like a good choice,i am honestly clueless on how strong gpu will he need for video editing and stuff,but he can always pickup one cheaper external monitor,siince well dual monitors are blessing for workstuff,
  2. Well,my myself i aint loyal to any brand,i will buy something that is better then stick to certain brand.Maybe he is liking some streamer and he said TUF is good etc. If he is traveling you cant beat laptop then,you should build/buy setup depending on your needs. It shouldnt be more expensive,maybe they are getting rid of the stock and trying to earn extra money,or they are just raising prices before black friday,so when they put black friday "sale",its gona be regular price actually,many shops do this kind of stuff. And with laptop you should do a lot of research,since some laptop even with great components,have bad build quality and bad thermals.
  3. i have iphone 11,and i am super happy with it.
  4. Jesus Christ,just build a proper pc,there are good suggestions in comments.Tell you buddy to buy a TUF sticker and put it on pc parts. And no do not buy laptop. Laptop are great,portable etc,but raw power and mostly important his desktop will run longer then laptop.
  5. Its like 1 month old laptop and it was in clean environment all the time.I am just looking to help it cool down so idk to just buy laptop stand or cooling pad.Saw somewhere that cooling pad arent effective thats why i am asking.
  6. Hi all.I have a laptop and would like to make it a bit cooler.While playing even league of legends my integrated gpu vega 8 gets up to 60-70 celsius. often even while even idle my fans are on max speed. should i just buy some laptop stand or those cooling pads,are they any good?
  7. its the fastest way. I just contacted my laptop manufacturer to see amount of max ram supported is(16gb in my case),and i went on crucial,they scanned my mhz speed and all the other data,and showed me right ram.I copy pasted the full name of ram,went on amazon and got the ram in like 2 days. It doesnt matter if the ram different batch or manufacturer.1 stick of my ram is from crucial and 1 from hynax,and it works without problem.
  8. or easiest thing is,go to crucial web page,select memory site,the site will scan your hardware and tell you what you can put in your laptop to upgrade it,like what size,how many mhz etc. Then copy paste the name of ram that it gave to you and find where to buy it,or buy it directly from crucial.
  9. honestly man,there like almost no information what do you want. What game are you playing,what kind of modpack,what kind of file it is.
  10. gaming chairs are waste of money in my opinion. Rarely i saw one being comfortable,there are office chairs which are meant to be sitting long hours with adjustable head support. there are wirelless keyboards with good conections like logitech g915,which have conection good for gaming even,but its costly.Well honestly 2x tv that big is hard to look at honestly,you can find 2x ultra wide 30-35 inch monitors and buy mounting arm and mount one at top of other.
  11. well you dont have that many options,or make displays next to each other,or put one above the other and tilt a litile bit towards you. With that big screen you should have some space between you and tvs so you can see good. Well i bet since you are playing poker for money and shit you get rather sweaty because its stressful. So a nice Mesh chair would be nice for you,since you would sweat much less then in some big leather/polyster chair
  12. AzzaNezz

    First job

    13 and 14 sallary you get in Austria no matter of sector.Normally in june and december/january you get double the paycheck which is nice. And also depends where you live,Tirol is more expensive then other places in Austria
  13. Jesus i didnt know things get that complicated.
  14. AzzaNezz

    First job

    Well Austria is the same,everybody wants a degree aswell.Some smaller like web design companies are more open and only want experience or knowledge. Thats what i was thinking about paycheck,most of the time i saw paychecks between 2000-2300+ but we have 13 und 14 lohngehalt which i belive its not that common in Germany.
  15. AzzaNezz

    First job

    I am not intimidated by job,its just i live in Austria and my german isnt that good.So i would like to start learning by myself so i have easier time at the paid course.I picked up german aswell.And btw since i see you are and germany,and even thought we live in different countrys,aand if you are a developer aswell,can i ask how much are you paid per month,in netto?