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  1. I just have my sound card mounted vertical now with a PCIE Riser Cable. The GPU doesn't get hotter than 80 C and when I'm gaming, it only hits around 76 C now.
  2. Take apart your laptop and blow out all the dust out of the heatsink and fans. Even non-dusty laptops get hot, so a dusty laptop will easily overheat.
  3. Bought it because it was cheap, good performance and it had 6 cores and 12 threads. I have my R5 3600 overclocked to 4.5ghz at 1.288v and this thing is a beast.
  4. Imagine troubleshooting a faulty component in this.
  5. Where do I find long pci-e riser cables? Also, can't I just mount my wifi or sound card right here?
  6. There is already a bracket attached to the wifi card, which you can use a thumb screw to attach it to the back of the case. Do you think attaching the pci-e riser cable to the pci-e slot that the sound card is in, then wiring it down to the bottom of the case and plugging my wifi card into it and then securing the wifi card to the back of the case with a thumb screw would work?
  7. Tried two times. The first time I had partial sound and the second time I didn't have any sound at all. I secured it in with a thumb screw too. Didn't work.
  8. >The wireless card should NOT have issues with interference, because the signal is picked up from outside your computer, through antennas. Maybe you don't have antennas properly screwed/inserted into the wireless card connectors? It was interference because when I disabled my graphics card driver, my wifi started to work again. I fixed the problem by placing it in the bottom pci-e x1. >One option you could have is to buy a low profile metal bracket for the wireless card, and move the wireless card all the way outside the motherboard area, under the sound card, in that empty space on the case. Example of pci-e riser cable : https://www.ebay.com/itm/PCIE-PCI-Express-1X-1X-Riser-Extension-Card-Ribbon-Extender-Cable-Powered-AE/392984496399 https://www.ebay.com/itm/PCI-E-1X-Slot-Riser-Card-Extender-Extension-Ribbon-Flex-Cable-PCI-Expre-YM60/313213350240 Example of low profile brackets : https://www.ebay.com/itm/Low-Profile-Bracket-for-IBM-M1015-Dell-H200-LSI-9260-8i-LSI-9211-8i-9211-4i/283536934127 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Low-Profile-Bracket-for-Avago-LSI-SAS-9305-16e-SFF8644-12Gb-s/143344215351 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Low-Profile-Bracket-for-IBM-M1015-M5015-LSI-9260-8i-HP-P400-P410-Fad-SO/313171966088 You'd have to cut holes in the first example, the second has holes already but maybe not exactly where the antenna connectors pop out (in that case you can make the holes larger) The distance between the screw holes is pretty much standardized, so the space between the two screws on your wireless card should be the same, making possible to use your wireless card in full height or low profile systems. You'd want the low profile bracket because this way the wireless card sits a few cm above the surface of the motherboard, making room for the pci-e x1 connector at the end of that ribbon cable. Not doing that.
  9. I can't. If I put the wifi card right under the GPU, it has interference and my WIFI doesn't work.
  10. My sound card is blocking the exhaust fan on my GPU cooler and it's causing high temps around 84 C. Should I use the bottom PCIe slot for my GPU and move my WIFI card and sound card to the top two PCIe x1 slots?
  11. I have the sound blaster z sound card
  12. Found the problem. My sound card is blocking the exhaust fan on the GPU cooler. With my sound card removed, I'm getting around 78 C max. Should I move my GPU to the bottom PCIE 16 slot, then move my sound card and my WIFI card to the upper two PCIE 1x slots? Am I suppose to use the lower PCIE 16 slot for my GPU?
  13. I just undervolted it, but the temps are still around 85 C at max with fan speed at 100%. Not gonna take a pic
  14. I don't know what case. It's really old though. I have a 200mm fan blowing fresh air into the GPU cooler fans and another 200mm fan blowing hot air out. Cpu is ryzen 5 3600 overclocked to 4.5ghz at 1.288v. Cpu cooler is hyper evo 212 with two 120mm fans blowing air through and another fan pulling air out.