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  1. @zeusthemooseyeah those r the fans Im waiting for ! very excited the few wires the cleaner the case I planning to make something nice in an InWin 925 but I was as few wires as possible and those fans got my eyes on it XD Was thinking a white and black mix in that case.
  2. Fan splitters are fine too I guess
  3. So in the efforts to keep wiring low on my PC build can anyone recommend Daisy Chain Fans for people to find. Im looking for some in White myself. Keeping my eyes on the Uni Fan SL120s but Idk when those are coming out !. Hopefully this also helps people who want less wiring in their PCs
  4. Yikes expensive ! Yeah I understand that wow!
  5. They shouldnt take any shortcuts in any build I believe. Especially one that cost almost $4k XD
  6. Its with the windows on. Tho the wires actually come out of the case cause there is no management for it. And through the front. Also something I didnt put was that there was a broken clip on the motherboard Im going to guess they broke it when assembling it so quickly. Which should have been addressed instead of sending it like that. And they stuffed it around the PSU which can be dangerously hot for both the PSU and wires. Quality over Quantity.
  7. Even if it was built by a trainee theres inspections it has to pass. For it to pass 3 inspections like this after being a month late already BIG yikes
  8. Yeah, The iBuyPower delay is a month or higher this is the cable management I got given with the PC. Sorry shitty phone pic quality lol
  9. So I tried to get a PC built from iBuyPower for almost $4k. It goes delayed for 2 months and when they sent it to me the cable management could have started a fire and the motherboard was damaged. Asking if the One The ONLY LTT peeps build PCs yet? after looking at how well they build PCs on vids Im more confident in them than companies atm lol.