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  1. I definitely noticed something was off, and realized that it must be Strabismus. On that context though, as many people in this thread seem to think, it's not "just a joke". It's more of a reference to a paradox of MS making products for their rival, in this case, PlayStation. It's portraying a boggled, confused state of thought in a graphic yet metaphorical manner.
  2. There ARE ads, just go to the promotions or updates folders...
  3. Your definition of 4k is wrong. It's 4K because it's approximately 4000 pixels wide. Better try 5K displays as they'll give you 2160p tall
  4. Don't quote me on this, but it's roughly been an hours since Linus uploaded? Were people already ready with vids? XD!
  5. Um, shipping isn't affected in any way in most areas!
  6. If it was virtually, why not globally, Linus Media Group? Your viewers who'd want a PC could easily learn to put together and use a livestreaming setup! Please reconsider @LinusTech @CPotter and co... Please!
  7. Thanks a lot @Radium_Angel. Drivers exist, Ubuntu has 'em. XOrg has 'em. Thanks @Master Disaster! Will shift to ElementaryOS thanks to you!
  8. Um... I have an old MacBook Pro (5,1) (A1286), Intel C2Duo (2.66 GHz), 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, GeForce 9400M, 9600GT. Since MacOS got super slow, I installed Ubuntu and have been using it (owing to familiarity from my previous school's smartboard). I have been browsing for Linux distros, and really liked Elementary OS. But I have minimal experience in Linux distro installations... So, does it do driver installation automatically (like ubuntu?). Also, I read it's also debian based like Ubuntu, so all the Ubuntu terminal commands will work, right? (Y'know, like sudo apt install tuxpaint etc.) Please help! Tagging @GabenJr as I admire his work in Linux videos!
  9. That maybe their exact aim considering their Switch has had more publicity than maybe any other of their handhelds, and then software optimisation for games will also be better...
  10. In fact, I was horrified to see a 3080 to retail for 70K USD. That's worth 100 3080s, LOL