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  1. Thanks for your comment! Yea I won't get around a full rebuild. I was hoping I would but you guys are right. I mean my system did serve me very well for 6 years. Most people upgrade earlier than that I think!
  2. Thanks a lot you guys! I think I will Wait a bit and first of all see what happens to prices when the new nvidia cards get released. Maybe I can get a good deal somewhere! Plus I'll probably do the same for the cpu and see and wait for the new generation later this year since I dont need a new System right away!
  3. Well im experiencing the same basically! I can play pretty much every single recent game there is with no problems mostly (but often not on highest settings of course). Where my pc immediately chugs is VR titles... I also dont get why. The quest runs VRChat (yes its tuned down) just fine but my PC cant handle it? just feels weird if that makes sense
  4. Thanks for the quick response! Sounds smart! But i think I'll at least wait until the next gen of nvidia gpus comes out in hope for the old gen to drop in price a bit... maybe I was hoping that I could reuse at least some of the parts but I guess a completely new system is kind of inevitable. Many thanks for your thoughts!
  5. Hey guys, I've got a question I hope you can help me with. First of all my pc specs: ASUS H81-Gamer MB Intel i7-4790 (non k) 16gb DDR3 Memory Gainward Phantom GTX 970 I'm currently looking into upgrading and am not sure where to start to be honest. Since my pc is quite a bit older by now i wanted to make it a bit more future proof. Im looking forwards to games like Cyberpunk and VR gaming. I've got an Oculus Quest which works fine standalone. But I would also like to use it as a pc vr headset. Problem ist that my pc starts chugging even on the smallest most lightweight pc vr games like VRChat... The usual advice i ge everywhere is to upgarde the GPU first since its the easiest. But people kept pointing out to me, that my cpu is too weak to even handle a 980ti, referring to this website. So accoring to those guys I need to upgrade my cpu and gpu. But that basically means to get and completely new pc since ill need a new mb and memory as well... (I do have a big case and 650Watt power supply which should be fine for any new system) What do you guys think ? I appreciate any kind of advice or help! Thanks in advance, Robert